Debating democracy -

Debating democracy


The House is presently considering the Liberal motion on the use of omnibus legislation.

Here again is the point of order from a young Stephen Harper.

Here is a short history of budget implementation acts. And here is our rough guide to Bill C-38, the last omnibus budget bill.


Debating democracy

  1. “…….Here again is the point of order from a young Stephen Harper…….”

    “I want, what I want, when I want it” is also a ‘point of order’ from a very young Stephen Harper – when he was in the throes of his Torontonian ‘Terrible Twos’.

    • There’s a distinction between growing up and realizing how the real world might be made to work for you as opposed to simply cranking out the white noise at maximum amps, merely because you’re in charge of the national entertainment now.

      • Agreed, but your rejoinder has nowt to do with the content of the carefully crafted crap I deposited above. Get one of your brighter friends to explain to you the subtlety of my missive.
        Also, one ‘cranks out white noise’ by maximising watts, not amp(ere)s. And yes I know watts are amps multiplied by volts and presumably the voltage is fixed at 110 so one could increase amps to effect an increase in watts – so what? Conservative Coulombs per Second is an abomination! I’m still right!

        • It is a great act of cleverness to be able to conceal one’s being clever.

          Francois de La Rochefoucauld

          • He’s dead.
            And French.
            Besides, my cleverness is well concealed amidst the vast numbers of unlettered who populate this handy comments facility.They think me a buffoon and cynic, and in their minds, rightly so. The intellectual elite? Well they would grudgingly acknowledge that I am clever, but, alas, not actually funny.
            And with that I can live.

          • You’re much too hard on yourself.

        • Know what is the function of an amplifier do you…smart arse?

          • “……..Know what is the function of an amplifier do you……”

            The questionable grammar and syntax of that query notwithstanding:
            For strutting upon?
            For ‘receiving’ guitars by the likes of Hendrix and Townshend?
            Cranking up to 11?
            But you said, and I copy-paste: “…..cranking out the white noise at maximum amps…..” Clearly, the word ‘watts’ is better suited as a replacement for ‘amps’ in this context than the word ‘amplifiers’? Yes?

            You’re right about the ‘smart arse’ bit though.

          • A smarter arse would use far fewer ellipses, Fooky.

          • “……..A smarter arse would use far fewer ellipses, Fooky…….”

            Ellipses are just obese circles – I’m Canadian that way!
            The ellipses I use, aposiopeses actually, are meant to inspire a feeling of melancholy or longing and to suggest a tense or awkward momentary silence as I quote dullardry.

    • It’s totally understandable that you see no difference between an adult, elected member of the house of commons like Stephen Harper ca 1994 and a two year old having a temper tantrum. You’re going through the anal phase, Fook.

      • Like I said to kcm2, get one of your brighter friends to explain to you the subtlety of my missive.
        You’ve misread it as well.
        You’re right about the psychosexual development phase though. The Oral phase was horrid, and I am not at all looking forward to the Phallic one.
        Speaking of Freud, how many Freudians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
        One to hold the bulb and the other to hold my penis; I mean my mother; I mean the ladder.

  2. I’m surprised the Defenders of the Way of Harper aren’t calling the Liberals plagiarists for stealing Stephen Harper’s words! ;)

  3. “Debating democracy”

    As ever, arguing against will be the Harper Conservatives…

    • Yes, Conservatives hate democracy. I read that all the time on these comment boards, so of course it must be true.

      • Well you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but in this case there’s a great deal of evidence.

        • Yes, I understand that in Wherryland, the postings of a bunch of groupthinking partisan pro-Liberal Wherryites constitutes irrefutable objective evidence.

          • We`d let you join but you have to promise to nice to Aaron and sign a group think bipartisan pledge.

      • Perhaps you should write to your mp, i’m sure you’ll get an enlightening response.

        • My MP is an enlightened, progressive Canada-loving Liberal. Therefore my MP is infallible.

          • Good, glad to hear it. Mine`s an NDPer so he doesn`t think he`s infaliable, he knows he`s infaliable.

  4. Ted Menzies is just givin’er in the house today, parrying and thrusting like a champ. Or, as Aaron would write it: “The genocidal Ted Menzies hurled abuse at the opposition, yelling, screaming, punching and kicking while frothing at the mouth”, lol.

      • And Edmondson is a a very poor comedian.

        • Sarcasm, right?
          He uses that quaint puck-slapping, maple-eating and moose-mounting Canadianism ‘givin’er’ doesn’t he? What’s funnier than that?

          • I believe you mean to say “puck-slappin,’ maple-eatin,’ and moose-mountin,'” Fooky.

          • Oh Neil can manage way funnier then that, particularly when he’s trying to be objective – not intentionally of course.