Decision time on Omar Khadr


The videotapes and transcripts that Vic Toews demanded have now been delivered. It has now been nearly two years since the Harper government told the American government that it would look favourably on Omar Khadr’s transfer to Canada.

Last week, Michael Friscolanti looked at speculation that Mr. Khadr was sexually abused in Afghanistan. We’ve also posted five psychiatric reports on Mr. Khadr here, here, here and here, as well as a transcript of Michael Wellner’s testimony at Mr. Khadr’s trial.


Decision time on Omar Khadr

  1. Khadr knew exactly what he was doing when he killed the American soldier. As a so called Canadian that would make him a traitor under Canadian law. Why are we getting involved with this scum?

    • You don’t know what you’re ranting about.

    • How in hell do you know what Khadr “knew”? Are you getting his vibes in your fillings, or something?

    • Even for people who buy this logic, how then does it make any sense for us to force the AMERICANS to keep him, despite their wanting to send him to us? Khadr was a “traitor” for killing one of our allies, so let’s punish said ally further by making them keep a Canadian prisoner that they have no interest whatsoever in keeping??? How does that make any sense whatsoever???

      • It just FEELS right…..you gotta go with your gut more, stop thinking so much.

      • That makes sense. I guess you put traitor in quotation marks because calling a 15 year old who joins a war because of his father’s decisions, choices and teaching, a traitor is kind of absurd, especially when you consider that most of his childhood was spent in other countries.

    • 1- He’s a Canadian citizen. He is our responsibility.
      2- Our ally would like very much to get him of their hands.

    • Under the Guantanamo military commission system it makes sense for innocent individuals to plead guilty. Under the Guantanamo military commission system someone can be acquitted on all charges — and still face life imprisonment.

      When acquittal doesn’t win release, who wouldn’t negotiate a guilty plea — when that was the only way to win a definite release date?

      The “evidence” the US had against Khadr was so flimsy it would never have stood up in a real court. The prosecution was caught red-handed trying to use FORGED evidence. There are strong reasons to believe Sergeant Speer was killed by a grenade thrown by another American GI.

      And, even if, for the sake of argument, Khadr had thrown the grenade — in spite of his debilitating wounds — under international law what he stood accused of was not a recognized war crime.

      I do not believe you could substantiate your claim he was a “traitor”.

  2. Who says it’s “treachery” for a Canadian to kill an American soldier.? They killed a number of ours and nobody was charged with more than negligence – and he was found innocent.

    What THIS is is a travesty of justice and trampling on what few rights Canadian citizens have. When the government gets to decide if its going to help citizens overseas, or not, everybody loses.

    Bring him home and, if you’re serious, try him in a Canadian court. By right of citizenship, he deserves no less.

    • Nice try, but there’s a massive difference between being killed by friendly fire, and actively fighting for the enemy.

      • There’s also a massive difference between an adult making a decision to join a war and a 15 year old joining a war his father, and others among whom he was raised, are involved in, and being sent on a mission by his father.

        You don’t even know if he knew Canada was involved in that war at that time.

        • You don’t even know if he didn’t think he was lobbing grenades at Canadians.

  3. The govt has made a complete botch out of a very simple matter.. Other countries took their ‘prisoners’ back long time ago, and they’ve been able to function normally in society again.

    After what we’ve done to Khadr….it’ll be a miracle if he’s able to function at all. Sort of the mother of all PTSD cases.

    • Where do you get the info to support your claim?: “and they’ve been able to function normally in society again.” On the contrary, recidivism among the Gitmo detainee is high @ 28% including the recent terrorist who attacked and killed Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. 28% is a low estimate as it does not account for those missing from the radar and many of them are still incarcerated in their “home” countries.

      • They’re in the courts suing, in the news giving interviews…..they’ve gotten on with their lives. Naturally they’re angry, and they want compensation.

        Wouldn’t you?

      • EmilyOne is absolutely correct — SMISAC you can hardly expect your correspondents to forgive you failing to keep up with current events.

        In addition to Omar’s brother Abdurahman, the two Australians David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib, the Saudi-American Yasser Hamdi, there were nine UK citizens and eight UK residents who have been released. There were seven French citizens, 2 Belgians, 1 Swede, 1 Dane. As Emily wrote, none of them has been charged with an offense committed after their release. Some of the Frenchmen were convicted, based on the confessions they made in Guantanamo — and those convictions were overturned, on appeal, because the confessions were the product of torture.

  4. People who actually care about security risk better hope Toews has something better than this stuff to make an assessment.. Like maybe the opinions of credible and objective prison officials and people with qualifications to make military or security decisions on security risk.

    What do competing psychiatric reports tell Toews? What they tell me is that doctors hired for the Prosecution team have a different opinion of Khadr than the doctors hired for the Defense team because they have a different perspective on the trial, on his situation, whether he was fairly treated or mistreated.

  5. He and his family belong back in Pakistan! Send them all packing.

    • That you, Rob Ford?

  6. Canada’s national security is not a political matter: I urge Vic Toews to take the time to thoroughly scrutinize the evidence before him before making his decisions.

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