Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act


Romeo Saganash’s bill on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People is here. For all intents and purposes, it amounts to two clauses, but the implications of those clauses open a large debate.

The Government of Canada must take all measures necessary to ensure that the laws of Canada are consistent with the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations as General Assembly Resolution 61/295 on September 13, 2007 and that is set out in the schedule to this Act.

At the end of the fiscal year beginning on April 1, 2013, and at the end of each of the next four fiscal years, the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development must prepare a report reviewing the progress made by the Government of Canada in ensuring that the laws of Canada are consistent with the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples during that fiscal year, and must cause the report to be laid before each House of Parliament within 60 days after the end of that fiscal year or, if that House is not then sitting, on any of the first 15 days next thereafter that the House is sitting.

Mr. Saganash was involved in the drafting of the UN Declaration.


Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act

  1. anyhow the government knows how to doctor those types of reviews up, and make it look good ; am so sure they will abide bye their own rules to boot, or search a way out of doing what is right!!!

  2. This is quite the move on the part of the NDP and quite honestly i don’t know what to think?
    As an Aboriginal rights supporter/advocate i’m all for it. At bottom this is a silly legalistic argument…at least as far as mega projects like NGP go, the FNs effectively already have a veto – even if it doesn’t say so on paper anywhere; don’t think so, just try to ram this through without their consent and watch the crap hit the fan, legally and otherwise! They already have an effective veto over such projects on their territory – should they wish to exercise it!

    OTOH the industry law dog is fearmongering – it wont mean we have to consult every single elder before building a road or a school somewhere – have a little faith in the good will of the people there bud, they want these things too. OTOOH i don’t know if this motion should it be accepted amounts to a hill of beans as far as enforcement or legal sanction goes. But it would make a hell of a political club to hit the Harper govt over the head with once or twice a year…i’m all for it of course, just don’t know if it will get beyond good theatre. For the sake of FNs i hope it does.

  3. Good ol’ NDP advocating for the UN making Canadian law. Maybe the one-world government that the NDP finds so convenient should be put to the voters first.

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