Deep thoughts -

Deep thoughts


On Monday, several Conservative MPs were reported to be less-than-completely scornful when three former convicts appeared before the public safety committee to express concerns about the government’s recent moves to restrict pardons.

Nonetheless, so it was yesterday that a government backbencher, Phil McColeman, was sent up to report that the Liberal public safety critic had, at that committee meeting, been “quick to advocate on behalf of convicted criminals.”

And so it was that the Liberal critic, Mark Holland, stood after Question Period to complain that this was untrue.

And so it was that Mr. McColeman, the duly elected member for Brant, responded as follows.

Mr. Speaker, since being elected to the House some two years ago and a bit, I will take no lessons from the member for Ajax—Pickering when it comes to presenting issues to Parliament that are not based on any factual evidence. I will take no lessons from that member.


Deep thoughts

  1. Hahahahaahahaha!

    Tis to weep.

  2. Cons should replace their current logo with a picture of a pretzel.

  3. there was an uncomfortable silence in the house after he said that. The opposition even felt bad for him.

  4. Oh my.

  5. And rumor has it after he left QP, Phil McColman was caught peering into one of the mirrors in the lobby muttering to himself:

    "You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You"

  6. hahahaha what a winner!

  7. Doubt Tony Clement would refer to this as a success story.

  8. Sometimes, I can add a little levity to a ridiculous statement with an amusing (to some, at least) remark.

    I've got nothing to add to this that could make it funny.

  9. "We need to clearly focus on the type of people — and they are the repeat offenders, they're the most heinous people — that we're trying to focus this legislation on," Conservative MP Phil McColeman told the committee.

    Fraser had already told the committee he had more than 25 indictable convictions on his record. Courchene testified he'd been in and out of jail ever since his alcoholic mother, a victim of the residential schools system, introduced him to a street gang at age 11. Muhammed has multiple convictions, including robbery. All have been crime-free for several years.

    "I don't consider any of you in that most heinous category, as depicted," McColeman responded. "That was a misrepresentation."

    But the fact remains the witnesses will be stripped of any chance of ever receiving a criminal record suspension under the proposed legislation.
    Yeesh…how's it come to this? When did IQs in Ottawa drop through the floor?

  10. Awesome comeback Phil!
    Another crosscheck to the teeth!

  11. But it was Fraser who probably best summed up the current victim's rights, tough-on-crime attitude on Parliament Hill.

    A victim of several burglaries himself, Fraser said he doesn't personally forgive the burglars.

    "It's personal, it's malice, it's petty, it's spiteful, yes. They broke into my home, they took my stuff, they violated my property," he said.

    "I'm entitled to feel angry and I'm entitled to hold a grudge against them. But I'm not entitled to turn around and prevent that person to become better."

    Wow! Maybe he should be sitting on that committee?

  12. Who would dare suggest that the LIBERAL methods of presenting issues to Parliament that are not based on any factual evidence are in any way superior to the CONSERVATIVE ways? Who? Show yourself!

    CONS! CONS! CONS! etc.

  13. I would guess that not many in Brant would be proud of their MP spewing such nonsense. But then again, Mr McColeman proudly trumpets on his website that he secured more than $94 million in stimulus money for his riding.
    Think of him as a junior Tony Clement – but without the personal integrity.

  14. I am so discouraged. It isn't even fun to mock and ridicule this government anymore.

    I will freely admit that I voted Conservative in 2006, with high expectations that I would be proud of that decision. But so much has happened since then that makes a mockery of what I believe our Parliament should be. Harper supporters are so proud that he such an incredible "Chess Master." Frankly, I don't hold to the theory that governing our country should be considered a game.

    I fear the Conservatives are winning; I'm reaching the point where I just don't care any more. It is futile to think that any political party will put the people of Canada first in their priorities. I never thought anyone could go lower on the scale than the Liberal party. I am afraid, I was wrong. Mr. Harper and his followers have managed to the lower the bar, even more.

  15. 'Conservative MP Rick Norlock, a former policeman, told the committee he's picked up a "general perception" in coffee shops about attitudes to crime and criminals.

    "Canadians feel a certain way and I guess governments respond to the feelings and to the aspirations of the average person in society," said Norlock.

    Kenton Eidse, a consultant with Opportunities for Employment in Winnipeg, responded that "everybody is in favour of strengthening public safety."

    "The mandate of this committee is to look at the evidence, to look at the facts, and to make a decision based on the facts no matter what the public mood is" '

    Isn't this in a nutshell the schism between this brand of conservatism and its major critics, and the reason many liberals like myself cannot support this govt. It's a major point of departure for me and i suspect many others whatever their political leanings.

  16. What a moron. Who is dumber, McColemanor the people that vote for him

  17. When did IQs in Ottawa drop through the floor?

    – when IQs in certain chunks of the electorate dipped below the earth's mantle, that's when.

  18. The latter. By far.

  19. Don't stop caring.
    There are far too many people defaulting to that position and it is not good for Canada.

  20. He should have worked in adscam for the bi-fecta.

  21. Also, he should have mentioned how the Liberals hate the troops.

  22. Ouch.

  23. Yes, please don't stop caring. Be madder than hell instead. Talk to people, encourage voting. Don't like any of the parties? JOIN ONE AND MAKE IT BETTER! This is our government and we the people still do have the power if only we'd all use it.

  24. Hear, hear! Sadly, it's easier to wring your hands from the sidelines than to attend meetings, knock on doors, and lick envelopes.