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‘Deeply committed to carrying on the fight’


A statement from Bob Rae on today’s declaration.

“I am encouraged that Chief Theresa Spence has decided to end her hunger strike. Chief Spence and those who have joined her fast have helped bring about substantial change, but their cause – however just – should not endanger their lives or their health. Liberals join with Canadians across the country who are deeply committed to carrying on the fight for justice, dignity and reconciliation, and we salute Chief Spence’s courage.

The commitments we are making flow logically from the work of the Charlottetown and Kelowna Accords, numerous Supreme Court of Canada decisions, and our commitments as a country made when we signed the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. They represent the strongly held values of the Liberal Party of Canada.

On behalf of our Parliamentary Caucus, I would like to express our party’s continued resolve to work inside and outside Parliament – on a nation-to-nation basis – to address the gross inequalities facing First Nations, from the disparity in education outcomes and poor health to the lack of clean running water and safe housing.”


‘Deeply committed to carrying on the fight’

  1. Hear, hear!

  2. Rae Daze…………..backing a crook, typical.

    • You still in a Rae Days haze? Wow, get over it. That so ’90s.

      • Ignore past behaviour of a leftist moron?

        Sure pooch. Lefties always say, but that so long ago…..idiot’s.

        • Yeah, i really remember you being front and centre here complaining about Clement’s behaviour over funding his own little collection of gazebos, and the PM so principled defense of Tony’s little slip [ no paperwork the AG said]
          Explaining accountability to someone like you is like trying to get a straight answer out of this federal govt – pointless.

          • kcm2=a fart in the wind

          • LOL…you”re such a challenge Billy. It takes more effort to wind up a watch than to get a stupid reaction out of you.

          • In 2010, a former Liberal MP had asked the RCMP to examine spending
            in Tony Clement’s Muskoka riding. The former MP claimed that the
            spending on projects to ready Muskoka for the G8 summit somehow violated
            the law.

            Over seven months, the RCMP reviewed the ex MP’s charges. The RCMP found the charges groundless and have dropped the case.

          • It wasn’t a matter of theft and you know it. The RCMP would not have looked at whether TC broke treasury guidelines…and then there was the little matter of the AG’s report on the matter. The fact you don’t see it as even inappropriate says it all really.Party before country always.

        • …and “Rghties” always seem to have unresolved anger issues…a$$holes.

          • Excuse me????????

          • Certainly…you’re excused.

  3. Spend it like you stole it……..something in common.

  4. Hey Bobby how about a few words about transparency or accountability?

  5. IF Bob Rae is typical of the liberals beliefs they don’t stand a chance no matter who is leader. on a nation-to-nation basis ! really Bob,, get a grip on the real world

  6. What change exactly has been brought about by Chief Spence ? That taxpayers will now increasingly believe that all Chief’s run their bands so poorly ? that more money will be spent on auditors and lawyers instead of housing ? That once again the lack of accountability and the need for it are that much more glaringly obvious? That the already significant divide among First Nations has now been publicly exposed and is that much wider ?

    I would submit that Chief Spence and her live in band manager/life partner have set back the First Nations plight by a decade easily. For people like Bob Rae to endorse her as some sort of champion is part of the problem. The real champions are those Chief’s who don’t have time for politics and protests because they are busy building and moving towards self sufficiency. And yes, those Chief’s are out there. Let none of us forget that.

    I am sorry Bob Rae, but you sir, are part of the problem. Rant over.

  7. You can always tell when an activist has failed in their attempt to seriously affect public policy – here come da photo op – little smudge – wave a feather around – make up a ceremony – declare victory and go home – which in this case Cheif Receipts No More will be facing her own Band members (what a story here – to be fly!!!) – I think the saddest thing though is the sheer hypocrisy of the opposition parties – first they start off encouraging her .. make no mistake about this you can bet your last looney that Charlie Angus and Justin Trudeau were whispering their support and no doubt all sorts flattering words to her – right up until public opinion rejected her and her cause and now we have the face saving – I love the bit in the official declarations stating in no uncertain terms that any and all items place no obligation for the PM to do anything – I mean come on folks !!! – I will let everyone in on a little secret code that says it all when any official document goes on public record and start just like this : ” In the true spirit of commitment to initiate dialogue ” in other words more talk less action! Spence had a chance but when she wouldn’t go to the meeting with Harper because she wanted a MEETING and he was having a WORKING GROUP (her words on TV) !!!!! that says it all folks – I think this one of things that drives a lot of activists crazy is that Harper doesn’t care about meetings where nothing is achieved except talking and he likes getting something DONE !!!!!

    • Sure…like he’s fixed that water problem he said he would…closed the education gap like he said he would…consulted meaningfully, like he said he would a year ago.

      Face it old besotted one[ it is you isn’t it? I thought recognized your respectful cultural calling card] Harper hasn’t delivered. It’s at least part of the reason people are out on the street. Yes it looks like Spence didn’t make the Gandhi grade – feet of clay she has. But #idlenomore is not simply a reaction to her at all. It’s an expression of anger at the overreach of this govt’s omnibus bills. Something far too many other Canadians were too complacent …and well off[ unlike many FNs] …to bother griping about.

      • No offence kcm but you are just as guilty in trying to hi-jack idle no more as everyone else has been – I would submit that is an even bigger part of the problem

        There is an old saying in politics about figuring out where the next parade is going so you can be sure to get out in front of it. The amount of Chief/Politicians/Activists/Media etc who have tried to capitalize on Spence and Idle No More is indicative as to why we are not even close to resolving these problems.

        If anyone seriously believes that First Nations poverty can be attributed or resolved through a Federal Government “omnibus” bill they seriously need their head examined. The fact that people use this window dressing of an excuse and in doing so cover up the real problems is as shameful as it is self serving.

        If anything this exercise has given new meaning to the another political term – the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I suppose the usual suspects will of course deny the proliferation of anti-Harper interests that joined in with the collective parades of Chief Spence and Idle No More but if you seriously think there was no first nations poverty under the Liberals previously you are truly delusional. And likewise if you think getting rid of Harper will make a lick of a difference, you are also seriously delusional.

        As long as some are willing to use FN’s as political pawns (and yes that includes those within the FN community) The poor will continue to stay poor while the FN industry thrives. And those who continue to profit both financially and politically will continue to pretend that they care.

        • Lots of assumptions there Bill.
          No i don’t think Harper invented FNs poverty.
          Yes i do think other political parties are cashing in…so what, that’s politics. Harper would be doing the same in their position.
          Haven’t a clue what you mean by… “If anyone seriously believes that First Nations poverty can be attributed or resolved through a Federal Government “omnibus” bill they seriously need their head examined.”
          The FNs are protesting the effects of bill 38/45 as they and lots of others see it.
          I’m not hi jacking anything. That’s ridiculous. I’m simply trying to pass their message on. Go to APTN. It is not hard at all to find out what they are saying.
          Getting out in front of a parade is one way to look at what political leadership is all about – it is not my view.
          I’m not offended…but thanks anyway.

      • ? = Face it old besotted one[ it is you isn’t it? I thought recognized your respectful cultural calling card – this disquss thing took over my previous handle – I quit drinking 23 years ago ? however I am 59 which makes me old to some and young to others.

        • Must have mistook you for someone else then. Sorry about that.