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‘Defiance and fun’


Andre Pratte explains the NDP’s rise in Quebec.

Then there were Mr. Layton and the NDP. The party’s lone MP in the province, Thomas Mulcair, had done a lot of work to adjust the party’s policies to Quebec’s sensitivities. Mr. Layton’s personality did the rest … The fact that the NDP Leader decided to go through an electoral campaign while recuperating from cancer and a broken hip brought him a lot of sympathy. His strong performances at the televised debate in French and during a popular talk show on Radio-Canada showed him as someone committed to social justice, close to ordinary people and equipped with a good sense of humour.

Suddenly, Quebeckers began referring to the NDP Leader as “Jack.” In Quebec, people calling a politician by his first name means that he has struck an emotional chord. These days, Quebeckers don’t say they’ll vote for the NDP or for candidate so and so. With an air of defiance and fun, they announce they’ll vote for “Jack.”


‘Defiance and fun’

  1. While the predominantly leftist "journalists" out there giggle with glee like little schoolchildren being told that Santa IS real!! at the rise of Jack Layton's NDP

    (one word can summarize the in depth coverage of the NDP: "COOL!!")

    The man hated by the legacy media, does in one column what the media should have done over the past few weeks – highlight the freakish lineup of NDP members who may now very well be in (or even leading) our government:

    I've been saying it for weeks now, but the media has been shining a magnifying glass to the right and a blind eye to the left.

    The corruption of this institution, infested with leftists who view the world in lockstep "correct" fashion, and view their role to sway to the "correct" veiw, rather than to inform, is frightening.

      • I must say the cons are good at even coning them selves with their scare tactic crap.

      • I very much look forward to tomorrow.

        Please be sure you are around here to discuss the results.

        CPC 163

    • You're referring, of course, to all these organs of fawning left-wing sycophancy who've gone on record as supporting the Cons:

      The Montreal Gazette, Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Hamilton Spectator, Vancouver Province, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald and Winnipeg Free Press.

      Fast and loose with the facts, just like your habitually lying leader-hero.

    • How can journalists be "predominantly leftist" when every major newspaper in the country except the Toronto Star has endorsed the Conservatives?

  2. Be ready to take a shower afterwards,

    but go onto Twitter, and see the railing against Harper, of the variety (or sadly even worse) of the variety you'll find on comments sections of left leaning blogs,

    by ….ahem…"professional journalists".

    Perhaps it can best be described as that cauldron of youthful leftist protesting against capitalism and conservatism that we all dabbled in in university but that we left when we grew up and entered the real world….but which stayed with those who moved onto the "journalism" schools then onto the media coctail party circuit and newsrooms.

    Even their mannerisms are like teenagers, except they now control news stories, some like the newsfeeder at the CP (Jennifer Ditchburn being typical) provide….ahem…."news" accross the country. Like the earth shattering "two students kicked out of a CPC campaign rally" which was headline grabbing accross Canada, and apparently far more important than Layton's policies to raise prices on everything to "punish" polluters (meaning us) and hobble our economy.

    It's not just negligent, or biased. It's become corrupt.

    • Corrupt like G8 spending over 100 km from the confronence site? Corrupt like employing convicted fraudsters and influence peddlers like Bruce Carson, senator Michael Cogger, and many other CPC members?

  3. Aaron, are you still deleting comments that point out what a ridiculously transparent partisan flack you are for trying to portray Harper as wrong to draw a distinction between the policies and political culture of the federal NDP and the provincial prairie parties? Or are you so ignorant of Canadian politics that you actually don't know anything about the differences? Or are you such a shameless hypocrite that you'll keep wheezing about Harper's alleged anti-democratic ways while continuing to censor commentary which points out obvious facts about Canadian politics which you are too ignorant and/or hacktastic to acknowledge? Let's put it this way, Aaron: anyone who attempts to conduct a discussion of Canadian politics which overlooks the widely-known-and-discussed differences between the policies and political culture of the federal NDP versus the prairie parties of the same name – and who goes so far as to suggest that making such a distinction is actually illegitimate and should serve to discredit the person making it, rather than illustrating that they possess the most elementary levels of common sense concerning Canadian politics – is someone who is so clueless about Canadian politics, or so committed to misrepresenting it for partisan gain, that they should not be in the journalistic profession. Period. Get a new job, Wherry, You are not qualified for this one.

    • I'd be all for Wherry deleting comments that are simply cut and pasted from one thread to the next.

      • It's seems that there are "people" like that on many sites. I've noticed a few people who do the same thing on Moveon.org. After awhile, you just learn to ignore whatever is posted by said user. :-

        With Love and Gratitude,


  4. Finally we have a true leader as defined by someone who is able to “unite” rather than divide a country. We can all go vote now, but we do so with expectations that promises will be kept, unlike memories of the past few decades.

    We need Jack to lead a coalition government, one run by the 60% of the people who do not want Harper's minority again and again and again.

  5. Oh, and read that post over again, Wherry…the NDP surge is based on Quebec voters supporting "Jack", not their candidate? You mean, they vote for a party and/or leader, not an MP? What are the implications of that for coalitions, Wherry? Huh? Huh? Huh?

    • I know I have caused some discomfort on this site with my statements since the election. I have also made people think about the controlling billionares that are trying to steal our country and control our wealth. I must say this; Our country is at a crossroads right now and our vote has never meant as much as it means today. We must rid ourselves of the Harper dictatorship once and for all and tomorrow we can do that as a united country. The Conservative party of today is not the conservative party of our fathers and grandfathers and it is Harper that is responsivble for that. He must go because we are Canadian and not american and we resent being treated as such. We are not Fox news north nor will we ever be. We live in a country with hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of natural resources and they belong to us, Canadians. Our economy will not suffer under an alternative government other than that of the controlling tories. Vote to save Canada on May 2. Vote ABC. God bless Canada!!!

  6. I am from British Columbia where Jack is cleaning house on the Conservatives. Also if you look at the latest polls http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/gap-… it is clear it's a nation wide phenomena.

  7. The problem with guys named Jack is that they are susceptible to buying magical beans from strangers and I am not certain Canada is ready for PM who buys beans from nutters.

    • Don't worry, he won't be buying your beans.

  8. Velvet Touch – A Community Clinic – Who Knew????
    Olivia Chow was quick to release a written statement, that husband Jack Layton indeed did attend a "registered massage clinic" and she was well aware of it and he "needed a massage" late in the evening.
    Jack Layton, later at a rally in Burnaby, was quick to point out and clarify Olivia's comment, that in fact it was a "community clinic" (Velvet Touch -good name) where he obtained his services. In trying to protect his political career, and in tune with the NDP philosophy, he felt it very important to stress it was a "community clinic" not to be confused with a private clinic. It was essential in the middle of this election, to inform Canadians, in order to solicit their support, he wouldn't be caught dead at a private clinic, a for profit health care facility, where illegal, underage, Asian sex workers, would be employed by rip off artists, in the Canadian health care field – it would have to be a community clinic he patronizes – there should be no confusion. The reason that it was late at night that he was there, we would also assume was that he didn't jump the queue, but waited his turn. A good leader leads by example.
    I wonder if Canadians becoming more aware of the fine details of the NDP health care platform and of Layton's expansion of health care services to include these "community clinics", help explain the surge in support for the NDP in this current election. Does anybody in the main street media have a better explanation for the NDP surge and why are they reluctant to discuss this NDP expansion of Canada's health services?
    Why and how could the Toronto city police confuse a community clinic with a bawdy house?