Demonstration? What demonstration? -

Demonstration? What demonstration?


Long after he’d had his three turns, Bob Rae rose near the end of QP to double-check with the government.

Bob Rae. Mr. Speaker, the government’s answers with respect to the use of the plane by the Minister of National Defence keep changing. The September answers were that he was on a previously planned search and rescue operation. In the answers that we have heard from the minister and the Prime Minister today, and in the answers yesterday, the words “search and rescue operation” appear nowhere. My question to the Prime Minister is simply this: Was the Minister of National Defence, or was he not, on a search and rescue operation on his trip in Newfoundland? Yes or no. What kind of a trip was he on?

Peter MacKay. Mr. Speaker, I have answered this question a number of times. I left time off to go back to work.

The Liberal side took this as a no.


Demonstration? What demonstration?

  1. …or… the government need to find him, to search for him, to rescue him from his vacation in order to do government work, which was a funding announcement.

  2. Time to start dusting off the rants for government of given day waste and apply
    The Harper Government to the header.
    A few sly comparison’s to waste of government’s past should enlist a few more creative responses.

  3. News alert!
    The Minister of Defence can commandeer a military asset for any purpose he deems necessary.
    He does not have to ask Bob Rae or the media for permission.

     Bob Rae thinks this is the most pressing issue facing Canadians today, it’s that kind of thinking that booted the LPC to 3rd party status.

    • Of course when the Liberals did it…..