Dewar and Nash on foreign policy


Paul Dewar has outlined his foreign affairs priorities, including a vow to oppose war with Iran.

The current tensions with Iran indicate the stark difference between Harper’s approach and Dewar’s approach to foreign policy. Unlike Harper, who is engaged in reckless and provocative rhetoric from the sidelines, Dewar would be firm in opposition to nuclear armament and play a central role in diplomatic efforts to advance that objective while avoiding a military conflict with Iran. As Leader of the Official Opposition, Dewar will oppose Canadian engagement in a military conflict with Iran.

Peggy Nash has also released her foreign policy platform, including a focus on equality, women’s rights, international aid and climate change.


Dewar and Nash on foreign policy

  1. How does one “be firm”????? 

  2. So he’s going to ask them really really really nicely? I’m sure the Iranians are laughing at this.

  3. I’m sure Iran is paying as much attention to him as they are to the hardass
    tough guy currently in office.

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