Did Jason Kenney change his mind?



There was no press release pointing to an eleventh-hour turnaround. In fact, in an an email to Postmedia News, the minister’s press secretary firmly denied there had been any change and said government-assisted refugees were never expected to lose supplemental benefits. “Minister Kenney has said multiple times that GARs would be treated the same as they are now,” including pharmaceutical coverage, said spokeswoman Alexis Pavlich, Kenney’s press secretary.

“We follow this very closely and we’ve never heard that from Minister Kenney,” says Dr. Med Rashid, a Toronto family physician and member of Doctors for Refugee Health, an ad hoc group formed to fight the changes. “We’ve called them out on this many times, pointing out that GARs are affected, and we’ve never had a statement from them on it.”

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Did Jason Kenney change his mind?

  1. It’s a sad thing when Canadian doctors have to force our govt into being civilized.

    Now if only we could force them into being honest.

  2. This may be the most inscrutable government ever, even in an age where the internet puts more data at our fingertips than ever before.

    Before 2015, Kenney will be cagey and non-committal about whether he is actually an MP at all.

  3. I couldn’t get the “maybe” link to work. And I think that’s the story I missed and I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Does this link only not work for me?

    • Not working for me either. I suspect Vic Toews is behind it. ;-)

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