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Disagreeing with Kelly Block


Kelly Block’s refugee health care flyer draws a protest outside her constituency office.

More than 250 people gathered outside the constituency office of Conservative MP Kelly Block on Saturday to protest what they call the “racist” and “divisive” message of a mail-out sent two weeks ago by the MP that applauds a recent decision by the federal government to end free dental and vision care and prescriptions for certain refugees.

Some placards at the rally went as far as calling the mail-out “xenophobic.” Others say Block’s message is politically motivated and misinformed. “They are intentionally sowing division for their own political gain,” Dr. Mahli Brindamour told the crowd. “This offensive flyer fosters intolerance by pitting Canadians against each other and against some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.”

Last week, the NDP’s Jinny Sims pointed to a similar flyer sent out by Conservative MP Scott Reid.


Disagreeing with Kelly Block

  1. It’s about time someone put a stop to this. OF COURSE there are whiners calling it racist…that’s the stock in trade of every leftist and activist opposed to any attempt at immigration reform. Our system and our generosity have been exploited for decades and it has cost us a fortune. Canadians are sick of being played for patsies. It’s time these cranks realized that.

    • You, sir, know nothing about Canadians.

    • I wonder if your own family had any problem with “our system and our generosity” when they “exploited” it to get here.

      • My parents immigrated legally and paid their own way, every step of the way. Oh yes, they also helped defeat the Wehrmacht prior to immigrating, a useful contribution I’d say.

        • Great – yet another commenter who doesn’t know the difference between a refugee and an immigrant !!!

    • Siometimes I think it’s not the 1% who are the danger, it’s the 37%.

  2. The flyer was a dog-whistle to bigots who haven’t taken the time to understand that this program offered about the same level of health care that Canadians on welfare receive, on a short-term basis until the refugee could qualify for regular benefits. The program costs about 59 cents per Canadian per year. To deny refugees life-saving medicine and treatment is unconscionable and condemned by most of the medical community. I expect better of Canadian MPs…and Canadians.