Do you know how much of your money your senators have paid back? -

Do you know how much of your money your senators have paid back?

Questions abound about who owes what


The Senate won’t say how much Mike Duffy has claimed in Ottawa living expenses. And Pamela Wallin won’t say how much she has now repaid.

Meanwhile, the Senate’s internal review continues, with apparently two senators added to the list of interviewees. And Liberal Senator James Cowan questions Mr. Duffy’s qualifications to sit in the Senate as a representative of Prince Edward Island. (When Mr. Duffy conceded on his expenses last week, the government was quick to reassure that it was confident he met the constitutional standard to represent the province.)


Do you know how much of your money your senators have paid back?

  1. We see two classes of Canadians:

    the presumably innocent Canadians to whose residence the state claims a right of visit and an obligation on the citizen’s part to prove his innocence;

    the entitled Conservatives who defraud the Canadian taxpayers and repay at will, without full disclosure and without risk of prosecution.

  2. Who remembers this don’t shoplift (steal) commercial from the 70’s:
    A kid foolishly shoplifts, gets caught and police are called.
    He tells the officer “I’ll pay for it”, to which the officer states,”It’s too late for that now, son”
    When is it too late for thieves from the other end of the socio-economic spectrum.
    How about once they are caught?

    • Tough on crime doesn’t apply to Entitled Conservatives.

  3. Has Duffy or Wallin confirmed they pay income taxes in PEI and Saskatchewan, respectively?

    • Is it possible to hold a health card and primary residence in one province, but pay income tax to another? I have never heard of such a thing, but then, there’s lots I have never heard.

  4. if We as tax payers tried this
    we would be in hand cuffs
    and forced to pay every nickle back plus intrest
    be here among friends they just get a pat on the back and everything is ok

    except dumbo from where is it
    oh ya P E I
    he wants to pay back some cause he talked with his wife and they git to decide how much they w

    • The first time I ever heard of Duffy’s wife was in his confession. You know a political fat cat is in trouble when he’s using his wife as a shield.

  5. restitution of ill-gotten gains is not enough–thievery is a crime.

  6. If we can’t remove or reform the senate (for now), can we at least cut some of these ridiculous advantages?

  7. Just a second here: why would the unwashed masses be told who repaid what — according to the Globe and Mail this am, there are two more senators whose expenses are being questioned, and we aren’t even allowed to know their names! What, Canada’s senators are actually illuminati?

  8. Welcome to the new aristocracy.

  9. Thievery is a crime ;they should be investigated and charged if found to have
    Made false statements and gained money from this. The same applies to UIC and EI benefits….why not the senate?

  10. Hey, after decades reporting on the benefits of being in government seems only fair that the Dufster and Pam have a taste !

  11. Always has been a 2 tired system. The rich just keep taking from the middle income and the poor just keep getting poorer. If I was the one taking money that was not mine, I would be charge with thieft. Why are these guys not charged? What makes them so much better? And remember, all Mike Duffy was, was a reporter in Ottawa. What did he ever do to deserve to be appointed to the senate and why do we not have elections to put people in the senate? Why do I have to pay for their dry cleaning or gas or vactaions? Hey Mr. Duffy, I have not been on vacation in over 10 years as I was busy working and taking care of someone. You can pay for my vacation. Tit for tat so return the favors that you have taken. Thief nothing more nothing less. Same as all the others that have done this. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it sure is not a dog. Thief.

    • What did he do to be appointed to the Senate? He breached the code of ethics of his profession to favour one side during an elections campaign.

  12. Liars, all of them. If the senate was doing their job, we’d know exactly how much was stolen.

  13. Lack of transparency and accountability…sound familiar?

  14. I have no idea how much they paid back until Senators Pammy and the Duffster tell us. I will then believe them of course wink wink nod nod.

  15. “An entitlement to thievery”. If a person in the private sector stole from their employer, they would be forced to pay restitution for all the money and goods and they would be fired. Why aren’t these thieves fired.? This system of govornment both Senate and House of Commons need to be changed. We are not in a democracy because the party leader does not let the members vote with a conscience we have a dictator ship because God help the PC MP that votes against Harper.
    The senate is an extension of the frreloaders that the PM appoints , once again to get his agenda forced on the people and it is all dressed up to be called democracy.