Do you know where your favourite Maclean’s writer is?


In the early going, John Geddes will be our man aboard Mr. Harper’s campaign. For the first days, I’ll be travelling with Mr. Ignatieff’s tour. Early next week, I’ll jump off and Paul Wells will jump on.

For the rest of the campaign we’ll be variously out and about, but more on that later.


Do you know where your favourite Maclean’s writer is?

  1. good luck, have fun, work hard.

  2. Bon voyage, everyone. Hope you all enjoy the Let's Get This Over With Tour.

  3. Well if it's a traditional campaign, you'll get 'gaffe week', and Wells will get 'policy week'.

    So who gets the 'debate week', followed by the 'everything-getting-fugly week', and finally 'reconciliation before the vote week'?

  4. In before smears about this being the natural assignment for Wherry.

  5. Do you know where your favourite Maclean's writer is?

    She's working for the CBC (lol).

  6. Going by what Wherry links to, and writers he thinks are 'smart', I think Wherry has ndp sympathies. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I expect all political reporters to have political beliefs.

  7. *Heavy sigh in recognition of the truth*

  8. Obviously, your boss either doesn't like you or has a wicked sense of humour … since
    this scheduling will only serve to confirm to the chuckies in the crowd that you are in the
    Ignatieff tank. I'm making every effort to avoid election coverage … don't take it personally
    and enjoy if you can.

  9. 'Yakkity Sax' has SO many applications… but now is as good a time as any.

  10. Hopefully Geddes will be able to apply a more critical eye to this campaign than he did to the pronouncements of Flaherty as to guiding this country through a recession.

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