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Mike Wallace responds to the parliamentary budget officer’s latest projections.

“I believe part of the issue facing Canada and the world is we need some of the positive stuff. And when the positive stuff does come out it tends to get discounted immediately,” he said. “I myself purchased two cars these past two weeks. I am doing my share. I think there’s some good news stories. It’s not great news, don’t get me wrong.”


Do your share

  1. GM ? Ford ? Chrysler ?

  2. Matchbox and Hot Wheels.

  3. Or maybe two Lightning McQueens that came with the Happy Meals. Hey, look, there’s one to trade with friends!

  4. Wow.

    Suddenly I feel ashamed.

    Wallace is out there doing his bit for the nation by buying not one, but TWO cars this month.

    And I’m pretty much broke.

    I’m such a bad Canadian. I don’t deserve brave men like Wallace leading me. I really should take a second job and finally start contributing.

    Anyone know how the job market is?

    • Why haven’t you built that sunroom yet?

      • Yeah, pal, where’s that solarium you promised us? We’re desperately in need of insolation.

        • They say the real danger these days is not insolation but desolation.

          • Quite true. Insolation is mostly harmless, provided one uses sunblock. Desolation (alternate meaning) has been linked to emotional problems and even MS.

        • Hat tip to CR and Jack — to my knowledge the ONLY dueling puns on the intertubes. Very clever.

        • Oh, I totally still plan to build that solarium, I’m just waiting for final confirmation from the feds as to whether or not having a nagging wife is actually a REQUIREMENT of the tax credit.

          In the mean time, I’d better go check my investments and savings. I haven’t looked at any of my investment accounts since the Prime Minister told us on election day that everything was going to be fine.

          I hope he was right.

          (Sorry, what am I saying… he’s an economist… of COURSE he was right!!!)

  5. Somehow you just know W. Kinsella is going to take this one to the bank.

    • He sure as heck can’t bank his disappointing book sales or the nonexistent proceeds from his frivolous lawsuits. I’m glad he will have something to take to the bank, even if it is just a lame joke or two.

      Ouch. That sounded mean. Please don’t sue me , WK. Also, whatever you do, please don’t click on the following link, which might encourage you to sue an anonymous blog commenter:


      • Heh, I think it’d be kind of fun to get a libel notice from WK. Everybody should have one.

        FTR, I was just thinking the Liberals could use a clip of Wallace saying this in an ad. A “Dingwall moment.”

  6. wow. Ok partisans defend that.

    Out. of. Touch.

  7. All joking aside, Wallace has a point – a little reasonable optimism is preferable to the unreasonable gloom that pervades the media these days. Macleans’ recent article on the case for optimism is a notable and welcome exception.

  8. doing his part….uh, huh – reminding Canadians that he’s okay on government salary, benefits and perks while we worrty.

    Hmmmm…..”two” cars in one week – does this mean we’re paying him too much and perhaps he should have a salary review?

    • I think I remember reading somewhere that he is a man of some means. If so perhaps he is more prone to optimism than some of the rest of us. Optimistic thought …. did he make his buys from Dealin’ Dean Del Mastro ?

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