Does Peter Penashue have anything to say for himself?


Last week, the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister seemed to say that he’d have something to say today, but it now doesn’t seem there will be any kind of public statement from Mr. Penashue.

“I don’t know anything about it,” said Agatha Ryland, an assistant in Penashue’s constituency office in L’Anse au Loup, N.L. Reached by phone, Ryland said Penashue is travelling the remote Labrador coast handing out several Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals for community service and achievement. Penashue’s spokesman Cory Hann could not be reached by email or cellphone, and there was no answer at the minister’s Ottawa office.


Does Peter Penashue have anything to say for himself?

  1. There will be no public meeting
    There will be no transparency
    There will be no accountability


    • And all the ‘money lenders’ and captains of industry just got shiny baubles for their continued ‘support’, so don’t count on any action (let alone jobs and growth) from them any time soon.

      No, I’m afraid compliance with the ethics of a moral society is something that the people are going to have to enforce. A sad, brutal, repeat of a history lesson that should have been learned by now. At least guillotine makers will see some profits…that’s something I suppose.

  2. Two plausible explanations: Penashue is either dissembling or disorganized – neither of which is a commendable trait in a Minister of the Crown.

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