Does the PMO think Justin Trudeau is already prime minister?

Let us applaud this interest in documentation and disclosure


A day earlier, Ben Lobb had invoked the reputed words of Martin Luther King Jr. in conveying his concern about the matter and now Mr. Lobb, the Conservative MP for Huron-Bruce, stood in his spot in the far right corner during these precious 45 minutes that are reserved each day for raising questions related to the administrative responsibility of the government.

“Mr. Speaker, I oppose Bill C-377, the union transparency bill. I can also tell the House that I have never taken any money from unions before or after being elected MP. Had I done so and voted against Bill C-377, I would have been in a conflict of interest,” Mr. Lobb posited.  “To contrast, the Liberal leader took over $100,000 in personal payments from unions, including tens of thousands of dollars in his time as MP. After receiving this money, his is now a vocal opponent of the union transparency bill and his party is opposing it in the Senate.”

And this much was apparently causing Mr. Lobb to fret profoundly.

“I will be raising this matter with the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner,” he reported.

This was interesting news, but, this being Question Period, it was not clear on what basis Mr. Lobb was rising here and now to report as much.

“Can,” Mr. Lobb finally asked, “the government comment?”

It was unclear why the government would comment or why it would even be allowed to comment—this being the sort of “question” that the Speaker might rule out of order as having nothing to do with the “administrative responsibility of government.” It was even less clear why Julian Fantino, the Minister of International Cooperation, he of the primary responsibility for the Canadian International Development Agency and the delivery of this country’s foreign aid, would be the minister to stand and respond to Mr. Trudeau’s speaking engagements.

But this much had already been touted: a note going out from the Prime Minister’s Office at 2:34pm to alert reporters that “Around 2:45PM in the House, Minister Fantino will rise to comment on an upcoming complaint to the Ethics Commissioner regarding the activities of Justin Trudeau.”

And so Mr. Fantino did. And so he too was deeply concerned about the activities of Mr. Trudeau. And so he was thus appreciative of Mr. Lobb’s effort.

“I applaud the member for putting ethics first,” Mr. Fantino declared.

Martin Luther King Jr. would surely be impressed too. But is it possible that Mr. Lobb’s intervention here was misplaced? Or is it rather simply that everyone has momentarily forgotten who is Prime Minister?

There remains at least one conservative in the House who is aware of which government is presently in power—Brent Rathgeber, now independent, rose this afternoon to ask his first question of the government side and managed to raise an actual matter of administrative responsibility in doing so—but possibly some others have become confused. It might have started last November when Conservatives invited Mr. Trudeau to testify before the Natural Resources Committee—six months later a different set of Conservatives would block an attempt to have Nigel Wright testify before a parliamentary committee—but now even the Prime Minister’s Office seems to have lost its focus. For while it continues to toil under the official authority of Stephen Harper, it seems lately to have been more concerned with the affairs of Justin Trudeau.

You might forgive the staff the distraction. Glancing at the available public polling data, they might think a change in government has already occurred. And Mr. Harper hasn’t been around much lately. But for at least the next two years, Mr. Harper is indeed due to remain Prime Minister.

Which is not to say that Mr. Trudeau should not now be subject to the sort of scrutiny and investigation that the Prime Minister’s Office seems to have pursued. Let all the documents be obtained and distributed. Let every speaking engagement be checked. Let every dollar be accounted for. Let the publicly paid staff of the Prime Minister’s Office be responsible for spreading the word and holding Mr. Trudeau to account. Let it all out.

And then let them apply the same standard to Mr. Harper.

It would, on this count, seem odd if the Prime Minister’s Office were more able to explain the activities of Mr. Trudeau than it can account for the matter of Mr. Wright and Mr. Duffy. So what has the Prime Minister done over the last month to ascertain the details of the arrangement between Mr. Duffy and Mr. Wright? Has a review of all records, documents and correspondence been conducted to determine whether the PMO is in possession of any documentation that might be relevant to the discussions between Mr. Duffy and Mr. Wright? If so, was any documentation discovered and will it be released publicly? Have Mr. Wright’s emails been reviewed? Has the Prime Minister or anyone on his behalf spoken with members of the staff of the PMO to determine what, if anything, anyone knew about the discussions between Mr. Wright and Mr. Duffy? At the very least, will the government respond before the House rises to the two order paper questions filed by Mr. Trudeau in regards to documents relevant to the agreement between Mr. Duffy and Mr. Wright?

Dealing with the order paper questions would seem fair play: for every document the PMO releases on Mr. Trudeau, it might send him something.

It was the Prime Minister’s declaration from Enniskillen today that “this matter is between Mr. Wright and Mr. Duffy and the authorities.” Perhaps then he might argue that it is nothing to do with him or his office anymore, never mind who Mr. Wright was working for at the time and who nominated Mr. Duffy. But then Mr. Trudeau’s speaking engagements are surely between him, the organizations that hired him and, if she should find something she was previously unaware of, the ethics commissioner, and yet the Prime Minister’s Office has seemingly still seen fit to involve itself in those matters. So it is unclear why Mr. Harper’s staff would stop now.

And perhaps after there has been a full accounting of the matter of Mr. Wright and Mr. Duffy, the Prime Minister’s Office might turn itself to other matters of documentation and accountability: fulfilling the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s request for information, providing a full accounting of what will be cut to return the federal budget to balance, reforming the access to information system, detailing the speaking engagements of Conservative senators Jacques Demers and Larry Smith, accounting for any and all speeches Mr. Harper gave before he returned to the House in 2002, and so on.

But let’s let the PMO start with the matter that would seem to most immediately concern its operations. It is to ask only that the PMO hold the current prime minister to the same standard that it now holds the man who would be prime minister. Martin Luther King Jr. probably said something quite eloquent to convey that sort of principle, but he was probably talking about something more profound than the speeches of a rookie MP and a $90,000 cheque to cover a senator’s housing allowance.


Does the PMO think Justin Trudeau is already prime minister?

  1. Cops and lobbers.

  2. Does Wherry not understand that the RCMP is investigating the Wright/Duffy cheque exchange?

    Does Wherry not understand that the Ethics Commissioner has therefore stepped back with her investigation of the Wright?Duffy cheque BECAUSE the RCMP is now investigating?

    Does Wherry not understand that it is not proper for the PMO to investigate one of its own officials (now resigned) as to what transpired?

    Does Wherry not know that Harper is NOT Demers and is not in charge of senator Demers?

    Does Wherry now believe that a conflict of interest could not have occurred when Justin Trudeau has received money from the unions and then for Justin Trudeau to have voted for keeping the union management secret?

    Is Justin NOT in favour of opening the books and being transparent when it concerns the management of unions??? Why would Justin Trudeau suddenly NOT be in favor of accountability and transparency???

    Why is Wherry not asking some real questions?

    • Here is a real question for you: Why is the PMO spending gobs of their time and taxpayers’ money engaging in purely partisan, Conservative Party attack on Justin – contacting the media as a “confidential source” with “dirt” on a speech he gave before he was ever elected? Why the HELL aren’t they actually doing something about running the country?

      • 90,000 jobs created last month. 50% of the number created by Obama, with no QE, and a 1% higher central bank interest rate, and 10% of the population.

        And with a glut of oil and natural gas that we are getting depressed prices for, depressing our GDP and government revenue, because of a lack of pipeline capacity.

        • You think that’s GOOD??

        • Aside from the fact that many think this was a fluke, a one-time blip, please show me how you connected the dots between this large jump and the Feds when they haven’t done one thing different than they did in months when growth was stagnant or even dipped.

        • The Conservative government has taken credit for the accomplishments of the prior Liberal government. They inherited a surplus from the Liberals and turned it into a deficit for goodness sakes! And that was BEFORE the recession hit. They blamed it on the recession, but it was actually because of gross overspending in their first year in office. The only reason the economy is in decent shape is because of the strong financial system and banking regulations that Paul Martin left in place.

          • What BS. Martin, the only honourable Liberal PM since Pearson was unfortunately also Mr. Dithers. He couldn’t make decisions after he became PM. he was overwhelmed. Chretien committed us to a war but both Chretien and Martin ignored fact we lacked robust tanks, trucks, weapons, body armour, etc. to fight it. That mess fell to the Conservatives to fix. Then we were sideswiped by the worst recession since Trudeau but handled it better than any G8 nation despite war expenses.

            We are today the overall most respected nation in the world, thanks to hardworking Canadians and intelligent leadership:

        • Foreign worker jobs and self employment jobs. Neat Con

      • Er… you’ve just made me realize that we should actually
        be encouraging them to be petty and nasty … when they
        turn their attention to running the country I don’t really
        like the outcomes … so

        • LOL! You have a point there BG!

      • Psst, don’t tell: They don’t know how.

      • The PMO is the Prime Minister’s Office. TIP: It’s a political office. So is the OLO (Opposition Leader’s Office) which has almost as many people. So is the office of the leader of the third party. (This summer its big task is setting up a BBQ schedule and apparently siphoning money from the boonies for Jr’s appearances.)

        The PMO is political. The PCO (Privy Council Office) runs the government apparatus. I realize not everyone paid attention in high school, but the roles of the PMO, OLO and PCO are all well-explained online in scholarly places. Do yourself a favour and read them before illustrating your lack of basic knowledge. Thank you.

        • If they are paid by the taxpayer, they should not be engaging in pure partisanship. That’s what the parties are for. Their roles are to assist the party leaders to accomplish the tasks of governing (which, yes, includes opposing if on the other side of the house), and yes that will mean a partisan approach to the way they do their jobs. But they are NOT adjuncts to the parties; they are NOT supposed to be propaganda machines.
          Clearly, you have as much difficulty seeing where the line is as does the PM.

          • Maybe you could ask the Liberal staffer if he was engaging in pure partisanship when he was playing with vikeleaks.
            Do as Pingston suggests and read up before commenting blindly.

      • When someone uses their job as an MP for financial gain it NEEDS to be publicized. Take a look at the link.
        In 2010, 2011, and 2012 Trudeau seems to have doubled his fees from 2007 before he was running for Parliament.

        And he was speaking in many cases while playing hooky from the job we were paying him to do.

        And you want this entitlement hog for Prime Minister.
        His only experience is cheating.

        • As opposed to a lying, deceitful PM who surrounds himself with criminals as advisors ad appoints lawbreakers to the Senate? I’ll take my chances.

    • Yeah, I can’t fathom why Justin wouldn’t be in favour of a bill whose main purpose is union-bashing. Unions have an obligation to be open & transparent ONLY TO THEIR MEMBERSHIP – you know, the people who pay the union dues.

      • Oh, really? I guess my union never got THAT memo!

      • Uh, no. Union actions and activities are federally regulated. They pay no taxes. They are not allowed to contribute funding to federal candidates, MPs or political parties. Much legislations concerns their rights and responsibilities. Much more should.

        Without full disclosure there is no transparency.

        I have belonged to several different unions over the past 50 years. At the local level they were run with less professionalism than a high school dance committee. Nepotism and favouritism ran rampant. There are honourable people in union leadership but that isn’t the norm. they delight in their members being arrested for civil disobedience. Urge members to break the law. And siphon funds for pet projects. They have forever directed money to MPs to influence votes, even since that activity was explicitly disallowed in the wake of the Sponsorship Scandal.

        • Uh no. If a union is being run the way you describe, it’s because the membership is apathetic & doesn’t want to get involved. If people don’t like the way things are done there’s a democratic option – vote the bums out. What you say does nothing to negate my original point – unions are obliged to be transparent & accountable to their members only, not the public at large. The bill in question is nothing but thinly disguised union bashing.

    • The PMO is corrupt and unethical to the core, as is Harper. Have you forgotten that Harper is the only Prime Minister in history to have hired a convicted criminal who went to jail? (Bruce Carson). Have you forgotten about the 3 Senators who have had to leave the Conservative caucus? Or the fact that the voters of Labrador just voted out one of Harper’s cabinet ministers? (Peter Penashue) And have you forgotten that Harper’s own chief of staff gave a sitting Senator a secret $90,000 payment?

    • What I don’t understand is why pointing out that Trudeau made money at
      speaking engagements in any way lessens the gravity of the crimes
      committed by the Harper government.

      What I don’t understand is that when the ethics commissioner cleared Trudeau to do those talks, somehow the Harper government thinks it’s unethical to do them.

      What I don’t understand is that the Harper government accepts donations from businesses and corporations yet there appears to be no conflict of interest when those same business and corporations get subsidies or tax breaks.

      What I don’t understand is that Senators who have done the Harper government favours in the media get seats in the senate even though they don’t live in those Provinces. And that again is no conflict of interest.

      What I don’t understand is why we are paying for people to conduct party business from the PMO.

      What I don’t understand is why a guy who voluntarily put all his dealings out in public for all to see is being slagged by shills for not being transparent when they are carrying water for the most opaque government in Canadian history and who wants to bring 11 more departments under the cloak.

    • 39 “guest votes” here… More Liberal hackery.

      • Bothers you does it?

        • Not really you just look like Obama voters

          • And quite literally anyone from here could vote in the US. The Mexicans do it all the time.
            Citizenship is not a requirement to vote in the US anymore.

          • People’s fascination with all things American to complete ignorance about what makes this country work has contributed to this abusive administration in Ottawa. I think what goes on there is important to observe but ultimately it’s someone else’s country and none of our business. Learn about and get engaged in your own country. A democracy is only as good as it’s informed, engaged citizenry.

      • Since the technology seems to be over your head — either that, or you are content to lie — I will explain to you that unregistered commenters are only able to upvote, not downvote.

        Anyone feeling silenced by this alleged Liberal clicking conspiracy is able to lodge their opposition by voting up your comments. So you may want to look at those numbers.

        I trust your ego is self-sustaining enough (and your math skills developed enough) to tally single-digit figures, including zeroes?

        • really

    • Compared to the US our economy and our country is doing very well under Mr. Harper.

      Talk to some American small business owners.

      If you speak to business owners in both countries you will find most US business owners would like to be in Canada right now.

      I do consulting for small businesses in both Canada and the US. The US folks say business in general stinks. The biggest complaint I hear in Canada is “not enough qualified workers”. Believe me these business owners would stand on their heads to find people to work in their businesses so they can make some money. Trust me these folks want to do more business and pay more tax as it means they make more money; but they can’t.

      Harper tries to address the problem so we can grow our economy and all he gets is abuse.

      When it is time for people to vote I believe we will look at what is happening in the US and Europe and be very happy to vote for Mr. Harper again.

      People don’t vote against the “building crane”

      • Harper has no idea what he’s doing…..that’s why he gets abuse. He’s incompetent.

        • Facts Emily One?

          What country is doing better than Canada with Harper’s leadership?

          When was the last time you spoke with business people from both sides of the border?

          The last American I spoke with (about half an hour ago) will probably be shutting one of his businesses down due to new regulations coming in that will increase the record keeping to the point where small businesses like his with low volumes will not be able to afford to function.

          Same business owner spoke highly of our Harper and not so highly of the liberal guy in the US.

          You show your ignorance by repeating the liberal line with no actual facts.

          What work experience do you have in the real world?
          You don’t even use your real name.
          Probably because you are paid by the liberals.

          • Germany, China….lots of others.

            I’m not a Lib….sorry

            Economic development….global development analysis

          • Are you suggesting CHINA as the model?

            Sweden thought they were doing really well until the immigrant entitlement hogs started burning the inner city.

            Would that be a government or taxpayer funded cheque you cash?

          • Eric, hon….I know you’re trying hard to be the Summer Temp Shill, but you won’t get anywhere attacking me. I have actual knowledge of the situation, and am not interested in your tired partisanship.

          • No real name

            No facts

            Doesn’t deny the taxpayer funded cheque.

            Pretty much sums you up.

          • LOL standard Con gimmicks for beginners on here, Eric.


  3. Over 130 years of responsible government in Canada and we’re only realizing in 2013 that we’ve been doing it backwards all this time.

    Clearly it should be the government’s role to hold the opposition to account, not the other way around.

    • Well if the leftist media isn’t going to do it, who else is going to step up to the plate? I mean, it’s gotten to the point where the PMO has to spoon feed stories to the media in order for them to print something bad about Shiny Pony! And they managed to screw that up, too! He’s just getting shinier, dammit! Shinier!

      • Shiny Pony? You sound like a Sun News viewer. They are the people that came up with that ridiculous name.

        • Using the ‘Shiny Pony’ as bait, the Ironic Sarcasm Trap claims another unsuspecting victim…

          • If I only believed that you are smart enough to use sarcasm I might give that statement credence.

          • In hindsight, I wish I had worked in ‘True-dope’.

          • Thank you for this whole thread.

            I love watching things devolve when people don’t get sarcasm online. I (literally) laughed out loud at your first reply, but the subsequent Ironic Sarcasm Trap reply was classic.

          • Just another dim bulb “progressive”!

        • Shiny Pony Freaking-Out at the Prospect of Going to Prison: “I’d kill myself first!”

          Shiny Pony was first used to describe John Edwards, the slippery and corrupt liberal politician in the US – It was the hair.

      • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

        • See, now with THIS comment it’s hard to tell if it’s sincere or sarcastic.

    • Ethics are a two-way street. Liberals apparently think Sponsorship Scandal only dinged them when they were in power and that it’s open season when you’re the third party.

      • I presume that if Trudeau really thought that it was “open season” he wouldn’t have cleared all of his speaking engagements with the Ethics Commissioner.

        ETA: He probably wouldn’t have put a list of all his speaking engagements and how much he got paid for them up on his website 4 months ago either.

        • When you look at the link it would seem he doubled his fees between 2007 and 2010
          Talk about milking an elected position.

        • Don’t go bringing up those Liberal appoi… oh, wait…

  4. Well those polling graphs are petty interesting – Libs are only 14 points behind the Tories in Alberta – smallest gap (by a substantial margin) in the period covered (i.e. about the last four years). And only five points of separation in the other prairie provinces.
    No wonder the CPC seems to be in panic mode…

    • NEP.

      • What does that have to do with anything I said – or anything on the graphs I was referring to?

        • Well, it’s a bit of a stretch, but he could be pointing out that the NEPhobic generation is finally starting to die off, which might provide some of the reason for the upswing in the Liberal’s numbers.

          • He’s not that clever.

            I think he’s trying to argue that Trudeau can never win the prairies because of his father’s legacy. That was the meme they kept pushing while the leadership race was taking place.

            But if they are right and the Liberals have posted this gain (and the CPC a corresponding loss) in spite of that legacy, well, that speaks to a deep-rooted dissatisfaction amongst the CPC grass roots, doesn’t it?

        • What Pingston is saying is we already had one trudeau economic failure (NEP) and we don’t need another.

          Junior has no experience running anything other than his hairbrush.

          Did I mention junior doubled his speaking fees from 2007 to 2010 – I guess that would show us his commitment to public service.

          All the while being truant from the job taxpayers pay him for.

          Meanwhile Harper and the gang will be out there pushing trade deals for Canada.

          • Harper had LESS experience when we made him PM. The only way to get experience at running a country is to become the governing party. If we aren’t willing to toss the current government when they become corrupt and more interested in power than running the country, why bother with democracy and multiple parties?

            The Liberals deserved the boot. Now the Conservatives have reached that point (I personally think they reached it some time ago).

            As for those trade deals: They are keeping VERY quiet about those. Maybe it’s just my distrust of Harper, but I’m not going to just assume they will be good for the country. We need more info and public debate.

            As for Trudeau himself… I would rather have seen Garneau win. But you work with what you get. I’m not pro-Trudeau as much as I am determined to get rid of a government long past its Best Before date.

          • Keith,

            Not a lawyer.

            Key word ECONOMICS DEGREE

            “University of Calgary, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in economics. He later returned there to earn a master’s degree in economics, completed in 1993.”

            Harper is self made.

            Not dependent upon the daddy name or connections.

            Harper was born and raised in Toronto, the first of three sons of Margaret (née Johnston) and Joseph Harris Harper, an accountant at Imperial Oil.[5] He attended Northlea Public School and, later, John G. Althouse Middle School and Richview Collegiate Institute, both in CentralEtobicoke. He graduated in 1978, and was a member of Richview Collegiate’s team on Reach for the Top, a television quiz show for Canadian high school students.[6] Harper then enrolled at the University of Toronto but dropped out after two months.[7] He then moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where he found work in the mail room at Imperial Oil.[7] Later, he advanced to work on the company’s computer systems. He took up post-secondary studies again at the University of Calgary, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in economics. He later returned there to earn a master’s degree in economics, completed in 1993. Harper has kept strong links to the University of Calgary, where he often lectured students. Harper is the most recent prime minister since Joe Clark without a law degree.

            Check the source:

          • Yeah; the man with an economics degree who was the last person in the western hemisphere to realize we were in a recession. Some good that degree did him (or us).

          • Really, people shouldn’t list middle schools on their resumés. It really clutters the thing up. They probably shouldn`t mention their Economics degrees either, if they haven`t worked a single day in their life in that field post-graduation.

  5. Trudeaumania, 2.0

    • Once the PMO’s office gets their game face on Justin will be a bustin. They were a little distracted by that annoying Canada-EU trade deal that Wells goes on and on about, but now that that that deal is in the crapper they can start to work on Justin’s puffins. You leftards should be cringing before the combined power of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Office of the Prime Minister to work in concert to destroy that lightweight Trudeau using the combined power of Conservative attack ads and Economic Action Plan adverbs to get the message out. You are in for a beatin Lieberals! cause Stephen Harper has this whole power thing figured out. (just like Putin)

      • LOL Justin’s puffins….I’d forgotten about that!

        • I love the shiny pony bit.

          • Yeah I dunno where they got that one, but it’s cute.

          • Should be “entitlement hog” as trudeau doubled his speaking fees after being elected. Check the 2007 fees compared to 2010, 2011, and 2012.

      • Go to it and I hope y’all like toe jam as you keep on trying to pry your feet out of your collective mouths.

      • What does this say about the ethical standards of the PMO? Do you think this behavior is acceptable?

      • Ya right. Harper reminds me of Wile-e-Coyote scheming away with the help of his ACME Corp PMO. We all know how that ends every single time. There are no brains left in the PMO, only simple operatives who have exposed themselves. It’s over. Harper resigns in 2014.

      • Now that’s how to use Irony gottabesaid

      • We have Flower Power on our side. Peace!

      • Stewart – Can’t be sure if you mean it or if you are being sarcastic but out of your own mouth

        ” You leftards should be cringing before the combined power of the
        Conservative Party of Canada and the Office of the Prime Minister to
        work in concert to destroy that lightweight Trudeau using the combined
        power of Conservative attack ads and Economic Action Plan adverbs to get
        the message out.”

        you describe everything that is wrong about the current government.

  6. The conservatives should focus on being transparent and accountable…so laughable that they are throwing stones when they themselves are evading the truth, engaging in shady bribe like activities.

    • There are 23 “guest votes” pointing up on this one. That’s how the Liberal MPs offices skew online votes… Cheating knows no bounds when you’re trying to sustain relevance.

      • Uh no – that would be 23 unregistered commenters upvoting – not necessarily Liberals, might be some Conservatives appalled at what their party has become.

  7. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out whom these Kon Klown Show farces are meant to impress. If it’s their base they’re targeting, it speaks volumes about how smart they think their supporters really are.

    I mean, can anybody take them seriously when they resort to such immature stunts?

    • Admittedly, Wherry is being obtuse, but surely you understand illegality of backdoor political funding from unions, lobbyists and public bodies controlled by Liberals (e.g. school boards)?

      Trudeau is clearly from the wing of the Liberal Party which found no problem in the mega-skimming of the Sponsorship Scandal revealed by the Gomery Commission. BTW what’s the schedule for the Liberal Party to repay all that money it stole and used in the elections of 1997, 2000 and 2004?

      • Aside from the fact that several of your allegations of “illegality” are questionable (to say the least), is that all meant to justify and excuse the Cons’ current behaviour?

        • Neurotic Dog

          Are you referring to the HARPER behaviour that keeps Canada at the top of the economic pack?

          • You flatter him with unjustifiable praise. The regulatory framework that prevented the worst consequences of the 2008 meltdown was in place before he took office. And he put spending measures in place to buffer the economy from its worst effects only under threat of non-confidence by the opposition.

            Or have you already forgotten his chickensh!t prorogation maneuver to stay in office?

            And the economy remains buoyant mainly because of natural resources he neither created nor protects from sell-off.

  8. Just Terrible that junior should be held to ethical standards he demands of others isn’t it?
    What a drama queen!

    • It is a bit disrespectful to refer to Prime Minister Harper as Junior and a Drama Queen

    • As long as he isn’t held to the ethical standards of the Cons. That would be sad and shameful.

  9. The Bay Street “Wonder Boy” Nigel Wright DOES NOT
    GIVE AWAY HIS OWN MONEY! Not a single
    dime came out of Wright’s pocket!

    It would be a simple matter of Nigel INVOICING the “Conservative
    Fund of Canada” account (the money raising arm of The Conservative Party) multiple
    times for some type of phony “Financial Consultant Fees” to accrue back
    the $90K. CPC treates that Fund’s coffer
    as their private “Honey Pot.”

    Are there any conversations between Conservative Senator
    Irving Gerstein (Harper’s bagman) and the PMO about Nigel getting paid back
    from the “Conservative Fund of Canada” — the federal party’s war chest Gerstein
    once chaired.


  10. Again Aaron Wherry’s favourite phrase appears — “it’s not clear”.

    He’s a columnist/reporter. He is reputedly able to advise us on clarity.

    Does he not understand concept of conflict-of-interest?

    Does he not understand that party funding reforms that followed the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal banned all political party funding from BOTH corporations AND unions?

    And does he not see how backdoor political funding of an MP’s leadership campaign from unions and lobbyists transcends the spirit, intent and specific requirements of the new funding rules? Has he talked to experts on this issue?

    And does he not see why this issue arose in the week before the House rose for the summer? (In case he doesn’t: So it will be something that will simmer all summer long and be front and centre at Liberal BBQs, and be examined in depth by enterprising media in light of NDP motions.)

    And does he not see where the media has not been duly diligent in examining whether MPs and parties have adhere to the funding restrictions, and whether or not Mary Dawson has done due diligence in her ethics overview of MPs?

    • Learned from the same “Rhetoric Made E-Z” pamphlet as Francien, I take it?

      • Good one :-)

    • So Mary Dawson is competent to handle Con ethics investigations, as required and convenient for Harper and his retinue of felons, but not to handle Liberal ethics investigations?

      If she’s not up to the job, perhaps you should be questioning Harper’s judgment in his appointments.

    • ‘Clearly’, you need the jokes explained to you. You must be nodding off when Harper is speaking.

  11. Why is the PM/PMO so afraid of Trudeau? Attacking the man just shines a light on the fact that the federal conservative party lacks confidence in their ability to maintain a position of governance. That or they are just petty fools who do not have faith that their own acts of merit will be observed by the general Canadian public.