Don Cherry, conservative icon


Monte Solberg is a big Coach’s Corner fan.

When Don Cherry talks about the code in hockey fights, he’s talking about a code of honour. When he takes aim at visors, he’s advocating self-discipline and responsibility. When he tells hockey players not to hotdog after a goal he’s preaching humility…

On wintry Saturday nights, in a gloomy and self-absorbed world, Don Cherry stands at the pulpit of hockey and encourages us to be better people, and he reminds us all of what is good and right and just.


Don Cherry, conservative icon

  1. Say Don Cherry makes $700k per year doing his Coach’s Corner schtick. I wonder what that works out to be per hour.


  2. I would never have taken Don Cherry as a Liberal, or Monte Solberg for that matter.

  3. I like Monte and Mr. Cherry then again they are fine examples of of being a torie.

    • But a bit ironic that what he seems to like about Cherry is his outspoken nature – yet when Harper came into power, the once outspoken Monte Solberg (with blog etc) seemed to disappear, only to recently re-emerge from hibernation.

  4. What does this mean: “hotdog after a goal”?

    • It means Monte Solberg is a weiner — seriously.

  5. I’m still quite suspicious about the way Solberg left politics. This is a man who fought long and hard to get his Reform views onto the government bench and as soon as he makes it to the Promise Land (with a ministerial job, mind you), he quits?

    Something or someone pushed him out…

  6. “Don Cherry… encourages us to be better people, and he reminds us all of what is good and right and just”. Hmmmm. Grapes as Ghandi (or is it the Dalai Lama? Or Jesus?). Interesting.

    Surely I’m not the only one who threw up a little in my mouth when reading that.

    • No, I had the same reaction. I’m not sure if Solberg is wilfully disregarding Cherry’s intense dislike of european and french players, or if he just thinks that it’s a testament to his character.

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