Don’t become the story


The Prime Minister’s Office would like Conservative MPs to refrain from bringing too much attention upon themselves as it pertains to this year’s provincial elections.

“During these elections you may be called upon by a provincial candidate to assist them in their election. Please keep in mind that we do not want the federal government to become a story in any of these elections,” he warned….

The memo notes that, “In provinces where there is only one ‘conservative’ option, we may all make efforts as individuals on private time to assist the election of that option — provided that we comply with this policy.”

One might wonder whether Stephen Harper, with his comments at Rob Ford’s barbeque, already violated this rule about becoming the story.


Don’t become the story

  1. Maybe that’s why the BBQ video disappeared?

    Either that or the thought of Cons at all 3 levels of govt scared people.  LOL

  2. Seems like a sensible policy.  

  3. I guess they’ll stay away from B.C., as we have 2 conservative parties. 

  4. The only failed CPC federal candidate in Alberta now works for the Wild Rose Alliance Party in Alberta provincial politics.  I guess we won’t be hearing from the Alberta Conservative MPs, with there being two right-wing petro-parties in the running provincially.