Don’t forget her when she’s gone …


Her heeeeart would breeaaaak/Sheeeeee has looooved you for so loooonnnng/It’s all she can taaaaake …

Okay, that was just mean. Anyone who now has that particularly antibiotic resistent strain of 80s CanCon earworm lodged in their skull can feel free to bitterly resent her for the rest of the day.

Anyway, as noted near the end of Friday’s marathon all-day dispatch from Camp Oliphant, ITQ is headed off the grid for a few days — “on assignment”, as they say. She’ll do her best to pop in every now and then, but feel free to use this as an open thread in the meantime.

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Don’t forget her when she’s gone …

  1. It is 9:42… CPAC still isn't broadcating…..

  2. It's available online.

    Pat McAdam is now on the witness stand. The reason for the 225K was "none of my business."

    Female counsel doing the questioning this Monday morning, so no p***ing contest for our tired minds.

  3. MacAdam says he had no PM correspondence about the sale of Bear Head armored vehicles to China in his files, just clippings from the G&M. (Next up are 2 people from PCO's executive correspondence unit.)

    MacAdam calls KHS "jolly, gregarious." He left PMO in December 1987, went on to GCI until 1993. Apparently, he only met him once at PMO, once when at GCI, and one final time in the last 15 years. Really?!

  4. Glass Tiger – Don't Forget Me

    You take my breath away

    Love thinks it's here to stay

    There's still so much for me to do

    And I can't stop loving you

    Oh can this be true

    If you could see what I have seen

    (The) broken hearts and broken dreams

    Then I wake up and you're not there

    Pain finds me everywhere

    Oh! but you don't care


    Don't forget me when I'm gone

    My heart would break

    I have loved you for so long

    It's all I can take

    You, you take my breath away

    Love thinks it's here to stay

    There's still so much for me to do

    And I can't stop loving you

    Oh! can this be true


    Then I wake up and you're not there

    Pain finds me everywhere

    Oh! but you don't care


  5. Gary Ouellette, Gary Lerue, Frank Moores ("head honcho at GCI) were only ones to deal with Bear Head, not MacAdam or Doucet.

  6. Says Mulroney blamed Phil Mathius (sp?), Stevie Cameron and Frank Magazine for spilling the beans about the cash.

  7. My apologies for this totally off topic post but if you have hi-speed internet and 20 min and lookin for some funny, watch Ze Frank at TED.

  8. Oh! is right …

  9. You are SO getting rickrolled for that.

  10. it failed, I did forget.

  11. FRANK spilled the beans?

    I thought they just offered up Muldoon's daughter's body in a sacrificial manner….

    Maybe Michael Bate is on the witness list – did anyone check?

    I'm still trying to get the Glass Tiger connection…

    other than of course – we WILL miss Kady while she's gone!

  12. I've always loved that "on assignment" stuff. I think I'll try it when the golf course finally thaws out.

  13. No surprise, no info, nothing to back up KHS' story. Spctor might prove interesting, but if he repeats his Ethics Commitee testimony it will be KHS was a pain in the a55, and Mulroney killed Bearhead because it didnt make any sense. Maybe he has somethig else to add.

    The only other interesting witness is going to be Mulroney himself who will be raked over the coals for a pretty thin story on when the money was paid, how much, what for and why he (as a lawyer of all people) has no documentation.

    Just awaiting KHS's next 5th Estate interview where he gets to drop some kind of hint and half truth that doesnt have to be cross examined.

    Either the co-dependents are playing a game, and one has to break for us to be let in on it, or nothing happened. For KHS to bring up new information in his second round, which is his answers to others testimony, would strain credulity. But who knows what rabbits get pulled from Bavarian Alpine hats.

  14. Pat McAdam made a mess of his testimony about whether Mulroney was on a mission to sell Bearhead vehicles to China. First nobody told him then he got it from newspaper clippings from Globe and Mail . Told Kaplan on a Sunday he didn't know anything about what Mulroney was selling in China and on Monday he wrote a letter to Kaplan that Mulroney was selling Bearhead vehicles to China but nobody told him that – it was a disaster for McAdam.

    The lawyer also tripped him up on his own testimony that Schreiber had met Mulroney several times and he tried to say he was talking about Fran Straus when Fran Straus wasn't in the conversation at all. Lawyer put in a jab and she reminded him how McAdam stressed to her how he was very deliberate in the use of his grammar so there would be no confusion.

    McAdam tried to deny that Mulroney knew Schreiber long before he was Opposition Leader – McAdam knew dam well the part Schreiber played with the group ( since McAdam belonged to the group) of undermining and defeating Joe Clark.

    Schreiber's testimony was a shining light in comparison to that of McAdam today.

    ( McAdam knew dam well that Schreiber met Mulroney long before Mulroney became Opposition Leader

  15. Stick it in yer ear !

  16. Still miss FRANK mag., no matter how godawful it was.

    Question — anyone here know why The Globe cuts off comments on some articles and not others — and deletes the comments. Why not close, if you want, but leave the comments there for people to read!

  17. Kady

    See you in the background on the Hill with the Ted Menzies, John MaCallum (sp.) and Thomas Mulcair talking heads show on the Tuesday CBC Politics with Don Newman.

    Hope to see you blog tomorrow – oh and I still have the gone, gone gone away song in my head. It's kinda like that recent comment from the Homeland Security Secretary – if you hear the myth long enough everybody believes Canada was responsible for 911.

    Jeepers, she should be gone, gone, gone away.

  18. I was!.

  19. Kady, please hurry back. News reports of the commission's goings-on are just not the same.

  20. For a minute there, I thought you were coining a new verse of "We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel.


  22. Thanks for the Kady fix, Alex!

  23. Somebody get that lady a TV show.

    Canada's answer to Rachel Maddow?

  24. Great interview! Cool to see behind the scenes, though it didn't really clear up the mystery of how ITQ can blog with such verve, speed, and orthography. Her thumbs are the stuff of Canadian political legend.

  25. No prob! Anything to help out some fellow ITQ-philes.

  26. Seriously. And she can type faster on her BB than a keyboard? I don't doubt it, but still, I'd like to see a demonstration of some sort.

  27. Where are you? It's beautiful in Ottawa, you are missing nice weather.

  28. Coalition?

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