Don’t tell Gilles Duceppe the Bloc is a waste of a vote!


Or he’ll give you one of these:

For readers of the French, here’s what the fuss is about.


Don’t tell Gilles Duceppe the Bloc is a waste of a vote!

  1. Le Bloc québécois est devenu le clone du NPD


    Le NPD est devenu le clone du BQ.

  2. I don’t know Quebec politics, and I read translation of article on google translate, so I am probably missing nuances but it seems a bit much for PQ supporter to be examining the usefulness of the Bloq. As far as I can tell, the PQ has been reading from the same playbook as the BQ the past decade or so.

    I think the question should be what’s the point of either separatist party if they aren’t going to do what their parties supposedly stand for?

  3. Exactly on JWL : I was watching the National last night and they interviewed a couple of old gaffers in Quebec out on a golf course and I was flattened by their response and from several others on how tactically brilliant Harpers move of recognizing Quebec as a nation has played out! I knew it was a smart move back then but did not understand how well it has played in Quebec and the impact it is having on this election – who would have thought that something that a lot of people poo pooed (not puffin poo but the regular type) would in turn become a pivotal point in Canadian politics.

  4. Gotta love that thousand-yard stare!

  5. Maudit niaiseux…!

  6. It was a pivotal point in Canadian journalism as well, for Andrew Coyne has not stopped wailing and rending his garments since it happened.

  7. It may look good for now, but what happens when the ambiguity of “Québécois” – an ambiguity we perceive only in English – comes home to roost? Well, I guess we’ll see when we see. Meanwhile I have to choose between the Bloc’s death and Harper’s majority: great.

  8. It just goes to show that Harper might be onto something, by going after the Duplessis wing of the sovereignty “big tent”.

  9. Can anyone tell me why the Bloc gets to be in the national debate given they don’t run candidates anywhere but Quebec. If they chose to broaden their base and run candidates they might find support for their cause elsewhere!!!

  10. I agree with the ex-Minister, but he himself sounds pretty far out to the right. I’m not sure he’s exactly the ex-PQ bigshot Harper would want tacitly endorsing him. This could simply get woven into the ridiculous Opus Dei/abortion/Bush/McCain narrative.

  11. Kontrol, I believe the reasoning is this: both the english and french debates are “national” in the sense that they are directed at people across the country.

    For instance, here in New Brunswick there are plenty of Acadians who like to be addressed in their own language (French). Just there are anglophones living in Quebec.

  12. Sorry Ben. You (like me) exist somewhere vaguely east of Montreal. Probably in some sort of alternative universe. Quaint. But doesn’t really matter.

  13. The Bloc is the NDP….


  14. The problem of the PQ is that’s the only idea that they have in common is the independance.
    It’s a melting pot of people from the right, from the center and a majority from the left.

    The majority of the bloc’s deputies are former members of big unions like the CSN, FTQ, TUAC, UPA, etc. Removed the idea of the independance and you will have a bunch of NDP deputies!

  15. This is one of the few times in my life I have been pleased with something coming from the PQ.

  16. @Ben Hicks – the Bloc don’t give a stuff for the Acadians since they won’t run non-QC candidates. Their presence is not integral to having a French debate (logistically if not politically) – and a French debate aimed at issues outside of la belle province might be an interesting one indeed.

  17. As seen by the sales clerk – after informing Gilles that the 3-for-1 sale on blue shirts was over.

  18. Wow @ Liberal collapse and NDP strength. Especially in Quebec. Any idea how many seats the NDP can expect with ~25% national support on election day?

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