Duffy: ‘I think Canadians have a right to know all the facts’

The latest news in this unfolding affair


Mike Duffy offers a few thoughts as he walks to his car. The Prime Minister allows that “perhaps” he should have accepted Nigel Wright’s resignation a bit sooner (the elapsed time between acknowledgement of a cheque and resignation was about four days) and offers his understanding of the agreement between Mr. Duffy and Mr. Wright.

The Star has news on the investigation of Pamela Wallin’s expenses.

CTV talks to David Tkachuk.

In a phone interview with CTV News Thursday, Tkachuk denied that Duffy’s audit was whitewashed. He also denied that Wright told him to change the wording in the report. “When we’re writing a report, I talk to all kinds of people,” he said. “Nigel didn’t tell me anything. He didn’t tell me what to do. “I never talked to him specifically about the report once.”

However, Tkachuk did say that he spoke to Wright about the expense scandal “on a couple of occasions” and that the prime minister’s former right-hand man “expressed his concern.” “We discussed political matters. This was hurting us,” Tkachuk said, adding that there was “nothing untoward” about his conversations with Wright.

As does the Globe.

The two men spoke regularly throughout the audit, Mr. Tkachuk said, but the senator insists he was not aware of Mr. Wright’s decision to write Mr. Duffy a cheque for more than $90,000. “He’d want to know things, like ‘When is it going to be done? When is this thing over with?’ ” Mr. Tkachuk told The Globe and Mail on Thursday. “This wasn’t a police investigation, it was an audit – and we had a political problem.”

And Mr. Duffy has at least one friend in the Senate.


Duffy: ‘I think Canadians have a right to know all the facts’

  1. The secret Senate board is being accused of covering up corruption by requesting only the repayment of inappropriate expenses. RCMP anti-corruption squad called in, and asked for Senate documents for the last 10 years.

    So caught in that 10 year net is the following:

    ‘..In 2010, Liberal MP Judy Sgro was found to be claiming a rental rebate from taxpayers even though the apartment she was living in was owned by her children.
    Secret Senate board required payback of $60,332
    -Former MP John Cannis was claiming a living allowance for an apartment in his wife’s name.
    Secret Senate board required payback of $106,842
    -In 2011, Liberal MP Wayne Easter was ordered to repay $8,050 for improperly claiming expenses for a property he no longer owned.

    • Yup. Dredge ’em all up. In commercial fishing, it’s called by-catch. So, what’s your point?

      • Muddy the waters.

        I’ll take a wild guess and assume her opening statement is not actually factual or complete, since she couldn’t be bothered to quote anyone.

  2. ‘I think Canadians have a right to know all the facts’

    Indeed. But the facts we do know are sufficient for you to submit your resignation.

  3. Who was Duffster really talking to yesterday: Canadians, or the prime minister? Does anyone think he was giving a veiled threat to the PMO that he would squeal like the little piggy at the trough he is if they don’t back off? Does anyone think he has info that could bury the PM?

    • Totally.

      Some people are just too…er…big to throw under the bus…

  4. People are still paying attention to stuff Duffy says. I thought
    only true believers at connie campaigns ever thought that was
    a good thing.

  5. “Duffy: ‘I think Canadians have a right to know all the facts’” Well, Mr Wherry, if this is all you can write, I suggest you keep digging, because you’ve told us NOTHING here.

  6. “When the committee reconvened on May 9, Olsen introduced a motion to change the Duffy report, including deleting the draft report’s references to the residency rules being “very clear” and “unambiguous.” Another change initiated by Olsen deleted the draft report’s statement that Duffy’s travel patterns were not consistent with maintaining a primary residence on P.E.I.
    In a move sources suggest is unprecedented for the internal economy
    committee, which usually makes its decisions on a consensus basis, a
    vote was taken on whether to change the report. Committee members split
    along party lines and Tory votes carried the day…

    …Later that afternoon, a relatively raucous scene emerged in the
    Senate as the reports were tabled, with some senators objecting to being
    asked to consent to reports they hadn’t seen.

    Furey made it clear when he spoke in the Senate that while it
    represented the majority on the committee, the report was not unanimous.”

    I don’t know. Yesterday i was inclined to believe Tkachuk’s version of the story. But now we find out Senator Olson put forward these motions. to change the report.

  7. Perhaps what Duffy was referring to was the email he sent to CTV about his RBC loan and Nigel Wright.
    CTV chose to only make public a fragment of that email doing the ‘…’ thing between ”RCB loan” and ”Nigel Wright”.
    If we are to fill in the blanks due to CTVs lack of full disclosure of the email,
    my guess is the cheque was used as security so Duffy could get a loan immediately to pay off the expenses.
    Banks don’t give loans to sick people without being over secured.

  8. Canadians SHOULD have a right to fire your ass, Mikey.

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