Eau de tailing pond


With the NDP leader in Alberta, there is debate there and here, including this claim from Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver.

And later, on CBC’s Power & Politics with Evan Solomon, Oliver said tailings ponds created through oilsands development are being cleaned up. “The fact is the tailings ponds are being cleaned up and you’ll be able to drink from them, you’ll be able to fish from them,” Oliver said. “The land will be brought back to its original state.”

Meanwhile, an oil spill has been discovered in northwest Alberta.


Eau de tailing pond

  1. Well belly up to the table Joe and I’ll pour you a glass of water and get you a plate of delicious tailings ponds fillets.
    What’s the matter Joe?
    Lose your appetite?
    C’mon, buddy….. the folks are watchin’…… eat up

    • I wanna see a photo like the one of Ritz eating pork sandwich during the listeria outbreak, with his thick pinky rings flashing in the light. Big old oily splotch of tar on his cheeks and his greasy lips.

      And he can enjoy his sparkling tailpond water, duck a la tar, and fish marinated in oil , he can relax in a big Muskoka chair to catch the rays while lounging on the tailing pond beach. Be sure to bring trunks in case you fancy a dip, Joe! Summer vacay!

      • Tony Clement should arrange to have a gazebo built up there.

        • That’ll spruce things up nicely!

  2. Also in the news today, Oliver is quoted as saying: “While the NDP are trying to dress up their anti-resource development agenda in sheep’s clothing, it is clear they want to shut down an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of Canadians…”

    Which is a shameless lie. The man is a born Conservative.

  3. It is something to think that if the land is brought back to its original state in 500 years everything is ok. Is the plan to wait until the oil is all gone and then expect the oil companies to clean it up when they gain nothing from spending the money?
    Currently they’ve cleaned up 0.2% of what they have destroyed… this let’s them say “The land is being reclaimed. Don’t worry.”

  4. Can’t wait for the ‘Minister won’t swallow own story’ headline.

  5. BBC ~ Oct 2000:

    Probably the most derided politician to emerge out of the BSE scandal, John Gummer will always be remembered for making great public show of feeding his four-year-old daughter Cordelia a hamburger in the midst of the “mad cow” disease scare.

    The press photographed Mr Gummer – then Agriculture Minister in the Conservative government – tucking into the burger with his little girl at a boat show in Suffolk on May 6 1990.
    Just six days before, it had emerged a cat had died of a BSE-like disease and six months earlier the government itself had banned beef offal for human consumption.

  6. This calls for a bumper sticker with a glass of bitumen and “Drink this, Joe”

  7. Where does the CPC get these Guys?…Clement, Fantino, big DD, Kent , Oliver and a number of others. None of them are fit to be ministers of the crown. There isn’t one of them that could summon the intellectual horsepowerone needed to light up a three watt bulb.

    And I’ve always suspected Oliver got his law degree out of a cornflakes box, now we know.

  8. Oh, sorry. I guess I’ve misunderstood … all this time I’ve been hearing
    Ethical Oil … and what they’ve actually been saying is Edible Oil. That sounds
    much more coherent. I guess.

  9. So you will be able to drink from the tailings ponds Eh, what about the polluted Athabasca River? your out to lunch Joe!

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