Egypt: Kangaroo court is adjourned -

Egypt: Kangaroo court is adjourned


Fascinating development at the trial of 43 pro-democracy NGO staffers in Egypt, including members of the American democracy-promotion agencies NDI and IRI: the judges have withdrawn from the case, forcing the regime to appoint new judges and start the trial again, if it can. The reason for the judges’ withdrawal: “The court felt uneasiness,” the now-former lead judge said. Which is precisely what one would have hoped they’d feel.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is in talks to have the whole trial called off. I persist in thinking Egypt is more important than any of its Arab neighbours to the future of the Middle East, because of Egypt’s size, its historical role in the region, its border with Israel. And while a lot of observers have been tempted to write Egypt off since last year’s pro-democracy uprising, to me the signals, while constantly worrying, are more mixed. The NGO trial looks, for all the world, as though it’s taking place in a complex society. With its share of good guys and gals, who could use a hand.

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Egypt: Kangaroo court is adjourned

  1. If I was Egyptian judge I wouldn’t touch this case with ten-foot pole either. There is no rule of law and the judges are probably looking for guidance from authorities on how they should decide. 

    This is tough case and I don’t know what to think – I support democracy, rule of law, private property so they are doing good work trying to introduce those concepts to other countries. However, I have done lots of traveling and people don’t like it when foreigners arrive in their country and try to fundamentally change society.  It is mainly Anglo countries – and the Vatican – that send people around the world trying to reform people’s souls and society. 

    What would Canada do if a few hundred well financed Muslims or Sikhs or Hindus from abroad arrived here and tried to start changing our communities and system of government? 

    Also, I come from long line of anglo coal miners and charwoman so I feel a bit of schadenfreude when I watch privileged upper middle class 20 somethings get introduced to the real world. 

    W Russell Mead ~ Faith And Progress:

    The idea that the world is built or guided by God in such a way that the unrestricted free play of extant forces creates an ordered and higher form of society is found virtually everywhere in the Anglo-Saxon world. It makes people both individualist and optimistic, and it has produced the “Whig narrative”, a theory of history that sees the slow and gradual march of progress in a free society as the dominant trend in not just Anglo-American history, but in all of history.

  2. Just another day in the middle east.  Unfortunately.