Ekos and lack of effect (OK, that sucks, but I’m not ITQ either… sorry)


35-25-19-10-10. Pluck the marrow from the bones of Leviathan here.

Ekos will be doing their thing at 10 p.m. Eastern, not 10 a.m., for the rest of the election. What could be more fun?


Ekos and lack of effect (OK, that sucks, but I’m not ITQ either… sorry)

  1. What goes up must come down
    spinning wheel got to go round
    Talking about your troubles it’s a crying sin
    Ride a painted pony
    Let the spinning wheel spin

  2. Nanos appears to be the only poll that wants to put Liberal support at what it was after the last election. The others have them in Canadian Alliance territory.

    Again, if you look at how the campaigns are conducting themselves, methinks Nanos needs to be calling fewer people on cell phones. I dunno.

    Then again, it’s worked for the last two elections. So who knows?

  3. Is comment by Dot plagarising? Should someone report abuse.

    Robert is a funny guy.

  4. Dennis:

    Don’t blame Nanos.

    There was a single day of odd polling, but by my calculations tomorrow will bring a poll result of probably 26-28% for the Liberals because that single day of odd polling will have worked its way out of the three day average by now.

    Just as last election SC once had a poll showing the Tories at 43% or something and no one believed it. Anyways, we’ll find out more tomorrow!

  5. Nanos to call people with cell phones and yes today is important because we see if the sample of 400 on Thursday is rogue or real.

  6. When in doubt, and Lord knows I am at the moment, look at where the leaders are. If Dion is spending his time in seats that are already Liberal (or vice-versa), that tells you what the *parties* are thinking, if nothing else.

  7. Just to be clear: if EKOS is releasing its numbers at 10pm Eastern, then it would probably have to complete its last call by 9pm at the latest… which is 6pm Pacific time. How will its B.C. numbers be affected by the fact it won’t be able to poll anyone who gets home from work after 6pm?

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