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Elbows up


Thomas Mulcair touts himself as Stephen Harper’s fiscally responsible nightmare.

Some of the criticism of Mulcair’s federalist credentials has come from Conservatives, although he has not departed from official NDP policy or said anything markedly different than his rival leadership contenders on issues involving Quebec. Mulcair takes that as a sign he’s the leadership contender most feared by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “The last person the Conservatives want facing Stephen Harper in the House is me and so, for them to be singling me out and trying to attack me on that, showed that I make them nervous.”

By his own estimation, Mulcair believes he’s best equipped to take on Harper. An avid hockey player and Nordiques fan, his approach to the game sounds like it could be his political calling card: “Let’s just say I’ve never been shy about going into the corners and I usually come out with the puck.”


Elbows up

  1. But Harper plays with cow-pies.

  2. Or maybe Cons would be delighted to have a leader of opposition who goes on national tv and peddles conspiracy theories. 

    NatPost ~ May 2011:

    The NDP got its first taste of the perils of prominence Wednesday after being forced to handle two public relations disasters as the newly elected Official Opposition.

    While MP-elect Ruth Ellen Brosseau was scrutinized for allegedly filing falsified nomination papers in Quebec, deputy leader of the NDP, Thomas Mulcair, drew gasps when he said he does not believe the United States government has photographs of terrorist Osama bin Laden. He also hinted there may be “more going on,” behind the scenes of his assassination than the U.S. is making known.

  3. “If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I’m done.”

  4. Sounds like Mulcair is just runnng to be Leader of the Opposition. I’m looking for an NDP Leadership cadidate who is runningto be the next Prime Minister.