Election night in Manitoba


With early returns now coming in, it appears the NDP is headed for its fourth consecutive majority government in Manitoba. This would be the first time in that province’s history that a party has managed four-straight majorities.

Fans of proportional representation take note: As of this typing, the New Democrats lead in nearly twice as many ridings as the Progressive Conservatives, but trail in the province-wide popular vote.

12:39am. A few hours later… By seats the NDP leads 37 to 19 to 1. By popular vote, they lead 45.8 to 44.1 to 7.5. The line to the PR riot starts behind Andrew Coyne.


Election night in Manitoba

  1. Wow.  The possibility that the party that trails the popular vote could win nearly twice as many seats as the party that leads the popular vote is a serious problem.  A discrepancy of this magnitude should be closely examined.  

    • Yes, it should really.

    • Actually, it’s only a problem when the party we don’t want to win, does.  Moaning about our electoral system is rivalling hockey as our national pastime.

    • One of my friends on Facebook was saying the same thing, so I did some preliminary number crunching using the numbers from the CBC:
      So, playing with the CBC elections page (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitobavotes2011/#/48) and a spreadsheet tells me that only 6 out of 57 ridings were won with a plurality rather than a majority of votes. The lowest of those was won with 44.93% of the vote.  Of these six ridings, the NDP won 4, the PC won 1 and the Liberals won the last one (with 45.91% of the vote, 1358 votes ahead of second place).  On average, NDP ridings were won with 57% of the vote, with the highest being 73.5%, and the PC ridings were won with an average of 64% of the vote, with two ridings at a high of 85.5).  So the issue seems to have been that the parties have very concentrated areas of support, and the PCs more so than the NDP.

  2. From a different region of the prairies, in an election earlier this year…

    Fascists….58% of vote, 93% of seats
    Visitors……9% of vote, 7% of seats
    Commies..33% of vote, 0% of seats

    The discussion a few months ago….

  3. Selinger has proven that lies, smears and fear work in a campaign. This is a terrible disappointment.

    • Wait.. it took Selinger doing that for you to see it?

      Where were you for the last four years of federal elections?

  4. I really don’t understand how we can continue to see results like these come up and each time just sort of shrug our collective shoulders.

    I mean, yeah, I’ve figured out that most Canadians simply aren’t paying attention, but not even to the results of the voting?  How is it that when any sort of PR motion comes up it gets defeated with cases like these hanging around?

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