Election night in Ontario

Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals win a third term


With Dalton McGuinty’s side on the cusp of a majority, the TV networks are projecting a reelected Liberal government in Ontario. Results are here.

Depending on your level of interest, it could be a long night.

12:07am. So that was interesting. I spent the evening pretending to know what I was talking about by arguing that no one knows what they’re talking about.

12:24am. Paul Wells, who knows what he’s talking about and has spoken with someone who knows even better, files from the Chateau Laurier.


Election night in Ontario

  1. And a very nice night it is too.

  2. Well. Premier Dad is uninspiring, but good for him. He’s still the best choice of a fairly annoying lot, which is almost always how voting feels.

      But the turnout was less than 43% which is TERRIBLE. It makes me worry for the future of democracy– as melodramatic as that sounds– but that’s really worrying for a developed nation that thinks of itself as having a civil society. It’s downright creepy. A real investigation/effort has to be made about this.

    • Both McGuinty and Hudak have the charisma of a ham sandwich. I think there was a lot of indifference between the two, and thus a lower turnout.

      • I don’t care if only 10% show up, as long as it’s the right 10%.  LOL

          • It only works when you have no opponents….Harper and Dalton didn’t have any.

        • Emily, you’ve insisted repeatedly that you’re scrupulously non-partisan.  You sure sound like a Liberal Party partisan this morning . . .  :)

          • I didn’t say I was non-partisan….I said I was independent…I’m not a member of any party, and vote on the basis of merit in every election.

            I don’t care what ‘party’ it is….I care about what their policies are…and in my case I vote for policies that move the country or province forward.

            The future is important…it’s where we’re going to be living shortly…so I want things that help create a better future

            Any party that does that gets my vote…and it may well be a different party than I voted for the last election…provincially or federally.

      • But is your only criteria charisma?  How about platform, or even, dare I say it, candidates?  No, people don’t vote because they don’t feel their vote matters.  And even when the difference is ONE vote, as happened in our municipal elections here, people STILL don’t think their vote matters because if they voted so would someone else and they’d cancel each other out.

        • I’m less worried about the people that don’t than those who vote without having a clue why. Considering this campaign was filled with confusing messages, it’s nice to see so many people had the maturity NOT to vote.

        • Their platforms were largely indistinguishable. 

          • I wouldn’t say that.  You had to look because nobody was telling you, and you had to dig and go to the candidates debates and share notes with others in other ridings, and basically it was a lot of work.  But, they were different.

          • Oh they were very different…and that’s why Dalton won.

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