Election night in Saskatchewan


Early returns give the Saskatchewan Party 49 or 50 of the province’s 58 seats.

That would be the biggest win in a Saskatchewan election since the NDP won 55 of 66 seats in 1991. Nine (or ten) would be the lowest New Democrat total since 1982.


Election night in Saskatchewan

  1. He really ran away with the election – I hear it took three days!

    • No.  That for how long you can see a dog when it runs away in Saskatchewan … ’cause it’s flat you see …

  2. The lunitic left gets a spanking.

    • Au contraire – OE1 will be by shortly to explain that the Sask election result is really just the latest clear repudiation of Harper and, anyway, the real political story in Sask and everywhere else is the dozen or so Occupy folk who haven’t scampered off somewhere warm and remained encamped and anybody who fails to acknowledge the massive global impact they’re having is scared of change.

      • Actually it’s just incumbents across the country.

        Everybody is afraid to rock the boat.

        Your Marie Antoinette syndrome is cute though.

        • Seven minutes, as it turns out.

          • Still clutching your pearls eh?  LOL