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Elizabeth May challenges the system

The Green MP seeks to amend the Elections Act


Elizabeth May has just now tabled a bill that would remove the Elections Act’s requirement of a party leader’s endorsement for an individual to run in an election under a party banner, at least in ridings where a riding association exists to endorse the candidate.

Here is the full text of the bill. Bruce Hyer is apparently seconding it.

I wrote about Michael Chong’s suggestion of doing so two years ago. It would be, potentially, a very real and very significant change to the system.

Ms. May has scheduled a news conference for tomorrow morning to discuss her bill.

Update 6:30pm. One caveat: As has been noted, this is not the only bill Ms. May has on offer. She tells me she’s not sure yet if the above bill will be the one she brings forward when her turn arrives.


Elizabeth May challenges the system

  1. Sorry, Wherry, but the bill comes with the written lines cut off in half. It’s unreadable.

    • It looks OK to me, 42 minutes later.

      • Thanks for letting me know that it’s working for you. I just tried again but still doesn’t work.

        • Worked OK for me just after you had posted the first time . . . maybe your browser? I tried it both on Chrome and IE8.

          • Yeah, I will try again to find it somewhere on the net. Thanks

          • So, what does the Bill say!

        • See? You should be nicer to Wherry.

          • Nicer yet?…… :)

  2. I suspect if this bill were to become law, Ms. May will regret it more than any other party (and yes, she is a 1-woman party).

  3. Elizabeth May is challenged.

    • Did you throw down your gauntlet? Or slap her with your glove? Not sure I know the correct etiquette for challenging someone to a duel these days…

      • I hear you flopped at Yuk Yuk’s too.

  4. Excellent bill, Ms May! I’m pretty sure, though that the mainstream parties will vote in unison to shoot it down in flames, should it be the one you bring forward.