Elizabeth May is throwing a mass confusion party, and all of her candidates are invited!


Strategic voting is a no-no, says the leader of a party running without Liberal opposition — while in Quebec, two of her candidates promise they will offer no opposition to the Liberal:

Still, it wasn’t all bad news for Dion, as two Green Party hopefuls in Quebec threw their support behind the Liberals. Danielle Moreau, a candidate the riding of Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher, even quit the race and backed Liberal rival Ryan Hillier.

“We must be realistic,” said Moreau. “What I want is that Harper is out.”

It is appealingly federalist, if perhaps not entirely realistic, to endorse the Liberal in a riding where the Liberal won less than 13% of the vote in 2006.

So to recap: With four days to go before the election, May is trapped in Central Nova while her party acts out her policy on vote-splitting. (What policy?) (Preeee-cisely.) Hijinx are duly ensuing.


Elizabeth May is throwing a mass confusion party, and all of her candidates are invited!

  1. I believe that tomorrow and Saturday will see a few more green candidates drop to support the Liberals. It was the strategy of Mark Marrisen during leadership to ally with Kennedy, and have Dion win based on momentum. I believe such a strategy will be again utilized.

  2. Harper was right!

  3. It is not just in Quebec, a Green supporter in BC has sent out an email requesting that Greens not vote for Greens, but vote for NDP or Liberal instead.
    I feel sorry for all of those who have worked hard for the Greens, and for the people who apparently were suckered into sending money.

  4. I’ll agree with DWT. Hardworking Green candidates and supporters have been bamboozled by their own leader’s desire to get rid of Harper at all costs. It also demonstates that the Green leader lack faith in her own party’s policies.

  5. If a significant percentage of Canadians vote Green, even if we don’t elect many MP’s, it sends a signal, and affects policy. Notice how the Conservatives now at least have an environmental strategy. Last election they were denying Climate Change existed as a concern. The problem is that we have to accept the results of vote splitting. Harper has become, intentionally, a divisive figure. To paraphrase Keith’s beer ads, “Those who like him, like him a lot” and those who don’t, are afraid of him to the point of ‘shudder’ voting Liberal. Elizabeth May has not abandoned the rest of us Greens who are working hard to elect Greens in our ridings, and she is not advocating voting strategically to block him. Where she gets into trouble is by being honest about her distrust and concern about a Harper Majority. I prefer slightly confusing Honesty to easy to understand BS.

  6. DWT, I don’t feel sorry for those people at all. May’s deal with Dion was more than a year ago, and anyone with half a brain could have seen this coming. The real kicker is that, by embracing strategic voting, the Green Party is setting itself up for future electoral failure – as their public funding for the next few years will be based on their share of the popular vote. Perhaps the irony of their leader calling Stephen Harper “fraudulent” during the debates will start to sink in.

  7. And we must admit, seeing May supporters like Atlantic Green twisting themselves into pretzels to explain and justify her ever-changing positions is rather fun.

  8. Thank god I let my Green membership lapse. This is absolutely sickening ethics by Green candidates. Green candidates campaigned using the donations from Green members! They owe an obligation to the party. Thankfully Chernushenko has called Elizabeth May a “sell-out” to the Green Party. The Liberals and Greens should be ashamed of using Green Party members in this fashion. This was an issue in the Green Party leadership debates but I suppose in a way, the Green Party gets what it deserves by electing May. Chernushenko could have made the party so much better.

  9. The mere fact May did not select a riding where she might have had a chance of winning should be enough to communicate that she has an agenda that suits her more than her party. History repeats itself. Anyone want to bet she’ll step down the minute she gets a better offer?? Really too bad as many people will now be suspect of the Green Party henceforth.

  10. I really have to wonder if the Green’s action constitutes electoral fraud, in that the Green expenditures are being directed towards the Liberals. If I had more faith in Elections Canada, I might expect an investigation of Elizabeth May; she displays all the attributes of sleezy politics and none of the requisite skill.

  11. Frankly I would be very insulted if I were a Green member – I mean after all why doesn’t Lizzie cross the floor to the LPC – oops she’s not a real politician yet and never likely to be a real one – doesn’t she realize that this dooms her political future as no party in it’s right mind can trust her – my intuition tells me that if Bryston (I think that’s his name) actually gets elected and has a seat that it won’t be too long before the Green Party has a new leader.

  12. In fairness to ITQ, she has been consistent in her partisanship/objectivity (reader decide) since last April.

    Wells is older.

  13. Elisabeth accused Harper of deceit. What a hypocrite. With ethics like these it’s fitting that she’d back the party that gave us adscam… she’s a natural born liberal

  14. Those who are so indignant about Greens backing off and throwing support behind liberals are forgetting that the whole elction is a bit of a game and the Greens are devising their own strategies in order to have an impact where it is important to their ideals. Why wouldn’t they prefer Dion over Harper? And if anyone is a deliberate game player it is Harper for sure. Why should we be stuck with him just because we like the Greens? or for that matter the NDP? We have to work with what we have and go for the best results possible in this wickedly crazy world. In short, fight fire with fire. Give it up! When was politics ever straight forward? When the store doesn’t have your favourite ice cream you take a second choice. You don’t take the one that makes you want to vomit.

  15. February 14th, 2008, Steven Harper signed a deal with George Bush that allows the US military to “occupy Canadian lands” essentially at will, provided that they “have justification to do so.”

    Anyone thinking this is a good idea should understand that a coup has taken place in the US on October 1st, as a quiet military dictatorship run by (allegedly) George Bush was instituted.

    Now, with active-duty troops on patrol in the continental USA as part of the “Northern Command”, the US now has active military units ready, willing, and battle-hardened, and quite willing to battle the foreign terrorists, as well as the domestic ones.

    Fact is, the only people who can be deemed terrorists under Herr Bush’s recent legislation are those born outside of the USA and it’s territories, or people born within those limits.

    As the “war on terror” has no concrete targets, and by default, is to be waged against any terrorist in any country, this means that the entire planet is now the target for terrorist activities in the minds of Bush & Co. This means YOU, folks!

    But maybe you can just revote the Liberals in and everything will be hunky-dory all over again, right? OK, so it’s never worked before, but “maybe this time” the flip-flop idea wil pay off!

    God help us if we did something intelligent, like vote for another party that hasn’t yet done horrendous damage to Canada? Naaaaw…that would be too much like being forced to THINK…and we can’t have THAT start to happen in Canada, now can we?! d=^o

  16. Elizabeth May’s on the horns of a dilemma. She prefers Dion to Harper (as any woman with a brain in her head would), but she knows that if the Greens get enough votes, Harper could defeat Dion. She appears to be talking out of both sides of her mouth because that’s what she has to do to convey the reality of the Greens’ situation in this election: they’re potentially the Ralph Nader element that got itself accused of electing Bush over Gore. Smart Greens will pick up the correct ball and run with it. Stubborn Greens will help re-elect Harper.

  17. I’ve never understood the need for a Green party, except as an outlet for the Green identity that many people seem to carry around like a Protestant conscience. Unless the Greens were far enough to the right to pick up Conservative votes, the utterly foreseeable result of a 10% Green vote is vote-spliting on the left and Tory success. How naive do you have to be to only realise this four days before an election. But then, if the Greens’ raison d’etre is purely emotional, it does make sense.

  18. As a green party candidate in the election, one of the few times I was quoted in the televised debate of my riding, was my statement, that I don’t feel like I live in a democracy when people talk about strategic voting. My vote went to the green party, and I would never promote strategic voting. Further, I would never vote for the Liberal or the Conservatives. But I can tell you that I have respect for Stephan Dion, and disgust with Stephen Harper. I can tell you that picking the lesser of two evils is tempting when I live in a nation that disenfranchises my vote. The fact that you there the party leaders are cause people disgust in over the party is the root of our evil. We live in a representative democracy, YOU VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE!… but sadly our politicians and our citizens have destroyed that reality. I would can tell you in all honesty that if I lived in Timmins ontario I would be voting for the NDP incumbent, not the green candidate. I am a devoted environmentalist, however, the NDP incumbent is someone I have watched represent his riding. A green MP would have no harsh party whip to keep them in line, to keep them quiet. To silence a riding, to silence democracy. My fellow Canadians, I am depressed by this discourse, the Green party is a central party. A clean environment should and is a priority for all ideologies, I know many green party members who are right wing. The Green Party is a party that looks to the future. We must balance our budget, pay off our debt, the green party is the only party pushing for generational equity. Donations to the green party allow the voiceless a voice. I believe that all Canadians must begin to question the regionalization and division our electoral system is causing our society. A donation and a vote for the green party, is a call for unity and for equity. For social and ecological stewardship.

  19. Contrary opinion from another Green Party Candidate:

    Steered to left
    The Ottawa Citizen
    Published: Thursday, October 23, 2008

    Re: Chernushenko quits Greens over May’s ‘autocratic approach,’ OCT. 18.

    David Chernushenko said what many of us feel. Elizabeth May is a kind and caring person, but she is not a leader. I was a potential Green candidate for Carleton-Mississippi Mills. I was lured to the party not just because of its strong commitment to the environment, but because of its fiscally conservative agenda. I never considered the Greens a left-wing party. As a conservative-minded dreamer who cares deeply about our planet, I thought I had found what I was looking for in the Greens.

    Unfortunately, Ms. May has systematically steered the Green party farther to the left (at least in perception) than I would have ever dreamed possible. Liberals and Greens are for the most part indistinguishable — this is a shame.

    Ms. May is clearly in touch with those Greens who put out one bag of garbage every year and who don’t drive their own cars. Canadians want to pollute less, use cleaner energy and lower their overall impact on our environment, but Ms. May still believes the way to reach these voters is through scare tactics rather than through inspiration. Unfortunately Ms. May and her unrealistic vision will forever limit the Greens to a fringe party.

    It is unfortunate for many that Mr. Chernushenko has moved on to greener pastures, but I can certainly understand why he did. He understands that inspiring is better than scaring, and he would certainly help the Green party reach out to the average voter. Mr. Chernushenko tells it like it is and will be a realistic and refreshing face in municipal politics, should he choose that path. His departure will break the trail for countless others; this is a tremendous loss for the Green party.

    Success will be limited for the Greens with Ms. May as leader. I guess I will continue to suffer from electile dysfunction for some time.

    Clint Monaghan,


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