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Elizabeth May interjects: ‘Sorry, Mr. Harper. Fact check.’

Green Leader fires digital salvos in the campaign debate on the economy

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May arrives at a campaign event where she released the party's platform in Vancouver, B.C., on Wednesday September 9, 2015. A federal election will be held October 19. (DARRYL DYCK/CP)

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May arrives at a campaign event where she released the party’s platform in Vancouver, B.C., on Wednesday September 9, 2015. A federal election will be held October 19. (DARRYL DYCK/CP)

OTTAWA — There were three podiums on the stage for Thursday’s federal leaders’ debate on the economy, but it was the one Elizabeth May set up on Twitter that captured most of the social media attention.

The Green party leader used Twitter videos to rebut various talking points throughout the debate — and data provided by the social networking site suggested her talking points got the most people talking.

May’s videos on trade, jobs and carbon pricing were the most retweeted messages at the halfway mark of a debate that also touched on immigration, housing, infrastructure and general economic vision.

Whether the debate changed any minds remains to be seen, but it generated more online interest in May overall — Twitter says she earned 5,000 new followers.

While May drove Twitter traffic, Google said the most Googled debater was Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, narrowly edging out Conservative rival Stephen Harper.

Debate-watchers were also tweeting for fun Thursday: more than 1,000 tweets mentioned the intrusive bell that was used to signal the end of a session.

We kept track of May’s comments during the debate just below:

‘Let’s talk about carbon pricing.’

‘We will reduce emissions.’

‘Sorry, Mr. Harper. Fact check.’

‘Here is our infrastructure plan’

‘We need a predictable path to citizenship.’

‘Our refugee system is broken.’

‘We need to pierce the housing bubble.’

‘We need a guaranteed annual income.’

‘Time to resurrect dead money.’

‘Bill C-51 makes us more vulnerable.’

‘Let’s talk about productivity.’

‘There’s only one person on this stage …’

‘This debate touched on climate, but …

‘Student debt is a problem.’

‘Oh. I do need another fact check.’

‘This may not be the focused debate …’

‘Let’s talk about Harper’s trade record.’

‘Missing? Women’s Issues.’

‘How PM Harper balanced the budget.’

‘They sure left out some issues.’


Elizabeth May interjects: ‘Sorry, Mr. Harper. Fact check.’

  1. Twitter vs. Globe and Mail: 1/0

    • I second that comment.

  2. Thanks so much for trying to speak E.M at the debates- via your creative from the heart responses… I was soooo disappointed that you were not “INVITED” to the Globe and Mail put on by Harper debates… Canadians invite you not the Globe and Mail..nor a candidate ..yikes- dictated by Harpeeeer Can we please have a REAL DEBATE WITH THE REAL CANDIDATES… ???? This is NOT A THREE PARTY PARTY WORLD!!!!!! Harper World I hope to say bye bye- for our humanity….

  3. i would like to thank you for you lengthy response to the subjects of debate, and we have a few, i found you criticized a lot and had very few solutions. and the ones proposed i found to be something impossible to actually bring to fruition. one thing out of the debate that really stands out is how we have many people trying to gain control of the government purse for there own power and control. forgetting that is our money , not your money, we donate some through taxes for the benefit of all, its not a credit card to make all your childhood dreams come true., no matter how each of you define balanced…..in a way that means anything but balanced……bottom line is i had considered voting green when faced with what i call the three stooges……..moe harper, curly ndp, and larrie because he has nice hair. but sadly i have not one intelligent person upon to place my vote, and that of my very few 20000 face book friends.

  4. The real question is why is there not one dissenting voice in Canadian media all we get is faux fox talk.Think about it CBC signature show is Dragons Den a piece of fascist propaganda were the public is told to admire the rich and powerful as they fight to steal from the little guy.This pretty much sumes up the attitude of all media in Canada.We decided what you should find important it’s not important that the globe in warming up(not good for business) raging forest fires better not talk too much about that,floods good photo ops though, that is as deep as it goes.We don’t dig down on the election being rigged by the media (Toronto Star admitting that they will not cover the GreenParty ..it is not as if the platform is junk .No it is the very reason that people would want what the Green Party has to offer)blanket silence on Elizabeth May.Much like they have tried to do with Bernie Sanders in the USA 30 thousand crowd and they fought all summer not to say his name even but they are not in the middle of an election.
    We get to hear how Elizabeth May butted in with Twitter instead of the story of how and why the Globe and Mail and the Munk debated silenced democracy on one of the most pressing issues of our time.Tell me how does that work we all know she has very important truthful information on climate and economy 80% of the people want to hear what she has to say.Yet all we get is fluff instead of talking about how the powers that be are rigging the election taking a page from the Dragon’s Den ethics book.