Elizabeth May reacts


Via Twitter.

Speaker rules against my point of Order. So C-38 continues to Report Stage… Disappointing, but glad I tried.


Elizabeth May reacts

  1. I imagine you are Ms. May, as the attempt alone bolstered your credibility with a lot of political watchers.. myself included.

    Still don’t like the direction you’ve pulled the party in though.

    • What direction is that? I know little about the Green party…

      • Since May took over, the party’s became Anti-Harper All The Time. And while that’s fine for folks like me, I expect my governance to be something better than I am. Also, the ideals have moved, at least IMO, to a more Marxist bent, relying on regulation and punishment to achieve environmental goals. Before, it felt like it was more market based — looking more to provide level playing fields and then encouraging green competition to reach solutions.

        Basically, the party felt, to me, a lot more positive and wanting to create solutions before May got involved. After that it seemed to go negative and wanted to concentrate on fighting problems. Pro-active to reactionary.

        Again, all this is just my opinion, and to be perfectly honest, I haven’t looked at them very seriously for a few years now — so I may be behind the times.

        • Thanks, Thwim, I follow her but not the party at all. It is, safe to say, leadercentric. Whose fault that is is unclear.

        • The previous Green party leader didn’t get elected. I thought that that laissez-faire position had a bit to do with it. It was certainly worth a try. I don’t think it worked out too well.

          Any anti-harper position is likely just as much a product of the current, umm, environment, than anything else.

  2. Nice try, Ms May, but it was a foregone conclusion. The Speaker knows who signs his nomination papers.

    (And yes, I do think he was told by the PMO, if not Harper himself, how to rule.)

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