End-of-year interviews: Justin Trudeau on everything under the sun

Audio and video: Aaron Wherry and Cormac MacSweeney sit down with the Liberal leader


Aaron Wherry and Cormac MacSweeney both peppered Liberal leader Justin Trudeau with questions on all manner of files in respective year-end interviews. Trudeau speaks about the taxes Canadians should pay, the scourge of government advertising, achievable democratic reform that produces a better Parliament, the proper treatment of sexual harassment allegations on the Hill, the appropriate response to Islamic State, the balance between civil liberties and security measures as authorities monitor terror threats on home soil, which pipelines are worth supporting in Canada, family life in the Trudeau household, and what the aspiring prime minister thinks of all those gaffes. Cormac put Trudeau on camera. Aaron spoke to him over the phone.

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End-of-year interviews: Justin Trudeau on everything under the sun

  1. Now if the MSM could only get a good crack at ” 4 Question Harper “, a guy who hasn’t been challenged by the MSM since being elected, and not one of those love in’s, like the ‘ One Off One ‘ C B C done with Peter M.. Twenty million a year in taxpayers money can shut up a lot of reporters. Personally, I think Trudeau is going to be up to the task as PM, and is starting to play his instrument very well lately. I still don’t think Trudeau’s ‘root cause’ comment was a gaff, just ask the Americans and their military generals, it was a straight forward common sense response, that the con party didn’t have the intelligence to understand, and then the MSM goes all Gaga and joined in a smear campaign with Harper and his conservative choir boys, and even the dippers, in order to discredit and undermine Trudeau’s leadership and common sense approach to how to get to the root cause of terrorism.

  2. Just to add, another excellent interview and a very calm and cool demeanor from Trudeau, and he has had to have a few jabs thrown at him over the past week. Now that’s leadership, whether you liked the answers or not. Canada doesn’t need an angry PM, we have one already, Dr. Jekyll(harper) AKA, Mr. Hyde.

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