Enough with the fun topics, Paul. When can we read another column on research funding?


A nation’s prayers are answered. Just in time for our big university issue, here’s the latest column on… well, let me just say you’re getting very sleepy


Enough with the fun topics, Paul. When can we read another column on research funding?

  1. If it includes parts on jazz and media convergence it’ll be your most popular column ever!

  2. … plus anything about European politics

  3. Actually, some of us look forward to these posts. I noticed that it showed up in the general Maclean’s blog feed earlier today, but not your personal one. This is a new ‘feature’ of the the Maclean’s blog feed?

    Anyway, have you thought about how his views here (as depicted in your article) relate to his views on Intellectual Property and Copyright as were depicted in Prentice’s bill before parliament was dismissed for the election? Frankly, the bill seemed to be rather at odds with a more free market philosophy and I was surprised to see them advance it.

  4. And I sure hope you threw in a line about how brainy profs from McGill, Carleton, Queens and the U of T need to get together more often by high-speed rail…


  5. It strikes me that university presidents are hired to a large extent because they are well connected. I suspect that’s why the likes of Rae and Peterson would be hired, not because they are Liberals. Being someone that people with money and power will listen to is vital for fundraising (private sector) and lobbying on behalf of the post-secondary education/research industry.

  6. Paul, keep your pieces on research funding coming.

    Harper may talk a good game on research funding, but the cheques have been awfully slow in coming out. I am a very junior professor, and like all junior professors, about a year and a half ago I dutifully submitted a CFI grant application to build my lab. We remember how a new round of CFI funding was promised in the budget of two years ago … well, following submission my application was stuck in limbo at my university’s research office, waiting for treasury board (or whoever) to actually deliver the promised money to the CFI accounts. By the time it had been stuck for about six months (this would have been about a year after the budget came out), I gave up pestering the university’s research office, and as far as I know my application is still out there in grant purgatory, waiting for the promised allocation (or more likely, by now it is consigned to the bottom of some filing cabinet, never to be seen again).

    Like I said, I am a very low man on the totem pole, and for all I know, the research office could have been talking through their hat. But that was my experience with the Harper innovation strategy: lots of flash, little delivery.

    If anybody’s got any amplifying details I would be happy to hear them.

  7. Just read it. Nothing on the hi-speed choo-choo, but nonetheless an interesting read. A whopping big logical leap in the conclusions, but an interesting read.

  8. Good read.

    More blog post on this issue would be good.

  9. Just don’t mention France or Sarkozy or eating snails.

  10. More please. Research funding should bask in an equatorial sun of attention.

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