Er, forget he said that


The Harper government quickly dismisses any suggestion of specificity in the Finance Minister’s latest comments about OAS.

But a government spokesman quickly discouraged that kind of math. The official stressed that the comment was simply an effort by Mr. Flaherty to signal that no changes are imminent. 


Er, forget he said that

  1. Beavis and Butthead seem appropriate this morning. I was out visiting last night and someone had dvd of highlights from original series and it reminded me of how much I loved B&B – Canadian pols are a bunch of fartknockers.

    “…. effort by Mr. Flaherty to signal that no changes are imminent.”

    The future sucks. Change it.
    I’m way cool Beavis, but I cannot change the future.

    Up the Arsenal!!!

  2. Nailing down the government’s intentions on this item is like playing wack-a-mole. Is all this obfuscation deliberate on their part or are they just trying to gauge and react to public opinion on the fly?

  3. Putting aside the current kerfluffle, I have gradually come to the conclusion that,
    despite the media narrative of fifth dimensional chess, etc., this gummint is just
    a bunch of dunderheads staggering from lamp post to lamp post.

    • I think you’ve nailed it.

      In spite of seeing each other everyday….in caucus, in cabinet, in QP…and I’m sure in emails, tweets, texts and by phone….they still can’t even manage to follow their primary directives of ‘speak as one’ and ‘stay on message’.

  4. I’d say there’s still a possibility the Harper tories will turn out to be a bunch of paper tigers, only advancing when they’re absolutely sure their focus groups and internal polls tell them its ok to be brave now; but let the slightest hint of real pushback show signs of not quiting and these guys look like keystone kops.
    Maybe we’ve all [ media included] built up a mythological monster here that has the heart of a mouse.
    Course i wouldn’t like to bet the house on that pov.

  5. The only dunderheads I perceive are the commenters on this page with their sophomoric pseudo- witticisms the use of which MacLeans is justifiably known. You commenters really should (I would love to say, must) grow up. 

  6. Typical politicians one lies , another one lies about the lie . A board of people are hired to study the lie . More lies get released to the news to confuse the public about the first lie . Then the lie gets covered up . And then the lier does what he had intended to do all along , which was to lie to the public.  And the whole process starts over again and again and again .   Isn’t politics great !

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