Essential, but unused -

Essential, but unused


Further to the Prime Minister’s comments about the usefulness of the two anti-terrorism provisions that he hopes to reintroduce, I emailed the offices of the ministers of justice and public safety with the following question.

Were the two anti-terror provisions that the government wishes to reinstate ever used before they expired?

Shortly thereafter a response arrived from the office of Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. It reads, in full, as follows.

Our Government is determined to safeguard national security, while at the same time protecting the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. That is why we supported the Anti-Terrorism Act when it was introduced and continue to support the need for these powers today.

Although these provisions have not been applied to a specific case to date, the provisions remain both constitutionally sound and essential to ensure law enforcement officials have all the necessary tools to protect Canadians from acts of terror.

We will continue to work to ensure we have the best tools in place to keep Canadians safe while respecting their rights under the Charter.


Essential, but unused

  1. Short version….no.

  2. How dare they prepare for the worst! Don’t they know that Canadians expect far less of their Governments!


    We need to jam our collective heads back into the sand and trust in the goodness of others.

    • Do you even know what the provisions are?

      If so.. could you tell me? Seriously, I’m having a hard time finding what the provisions are that he wants to re-introduce.

      Oh wait.. never mind. Finally found them:

      “One allowed police to arrest suspects without a warrant and detain them for three days without charges if police believed a terrorist act may have been committed.
      The other allowed a judge to compel a witness to testify in secret about past associations or perhaps pending acts under penalty of going to jail if the witness didn’t comply.”

      So you think it’s fine for cops to be able to grab you for no reason and hold you for three days, just because? Do you really trust the goverment that much?

      Hell, let’s get more specific, do you trust an individual officer with the power to pick you up and hold you for three days, away from your family, your work, etc, without any sort of warrant, because he believes a terrorist act *may* have been committed? Before answering, remember that some police officers are “lefties” as well.

      • If I’m in anyway suspected of terrorism, yeah, take me in.

        Is this something you’re actually worried about? If so, hopefully they grab you and hold you for three days.

        • You replied while I was editing, so I’ll point out again that the officer may be a leftie. So you’re not at all concerned with any sort of abuse of power?  

      • It will take someone from Free Dominion to be hauled in for them to get it.

        • Brings up an interesting point, it wouldn’t be that hard for an intelligent person to use this law to get their enemies in hot water. What with the way people of like mind tend to gather on the internet, plus it’s anonymous nature, you combine that with this law that only requires suspicion by an officer and I don’t see it being that difficult to bring a ton of police harrassment down on people you don’t like.

  3. We haven’t used them, but we must have the ability to.

    Well then, under that argument, I obviously require a rocket-launcher.

  4. we need to call the UN and have someone remove this government from power. they have to go. they should all be dragged from their beds and thrown in one big cage  and hosed down with sewage. they say the gun registry and the census is too intrusive, but search with no cause, detaining with no cause, and soon, listen to our phone calls and read our emails without cause. Hitler never would have DREAMED of stuff like this because it didn’t exist yet.
    serves you sheep right.

    • They just haven’t received a single complaint yet…

    • Yikes, the lunatic left strikes again.

      Also, adding Hitler into all of your posts doesn’t make your points any more persuasive, it just reveals your inner crazy.

  5. I find it mildly amusing that these provisions were used EXPONENTIALLY fewer times by law enforcement officials than the long gun registry was, lol.

    • How many crimes did the long gun registry prevent?

      • At LEAST as many as the terrorism provisions did.

      • 832,561. Prove me wrong.

        • Good try but I’m afraid you are incorrect. The correct answer is zero. Zero crimes were prevented by the long gun registry.

          As a side note, I’m happy to announce that the 7 illegal unregistered rifles I have stored in my attic will soon perfectly legal again. Hurray for Harper.

          • I don’t think you fully understand what “proof” or “evidence” or “intelligence” is. You see, I require more than a stupid regurgitation of a CPC frothing point as evidence.

            Since it’s creation the gun registry has been accessed and used millions of times. In the past year, the registry has been accessed and used millions of times. The people who access and use the tool find it extremely useful, and there is anecdotal evidence that its use has prevented crimes. That’s a point in my favor.

            The removal of civil liberties that was brought in during the panic and paranoia of 2001 were never used. They prevented nothing, and instead allowed for serious abuses that thankfully never happened. Evidence of how such a thing can go horribly wrong for innocent people can be seen in the case of the Birmingham Six in the UK. For that matter, watch “In the Name of the Father”.

            Finally, as you have just admitted to having 7 unregistered weapons, I fear you are planning terrorist activities. You said earlier that “If I’m in anyway suspected of terrorism, yeah, take me in.” So I guess that you are en route to the police station right now to turn yourself in? Or would you rather wait for the police to show up, break down your door, drag you to jail, and give you a permanent record of being arrested for suspicion of terrorist activities, thus ensuring you forever have trouble getting a job and never being able to leave Canada?

          • The police can check their database to see if I have any registered firearms…oops, nope, I don’t. They can check it millions and millions of times, still no.

            See how well the system works.

          • Doesn’t really matter. Thanks to your boasting about stockpiling weapons, you are now suspected of terrorism. If these great and grand provisions were in place now, you would be cooling your heels in a tiny cell before being “aggressively interrogated”. Oh, and best hope that nobody within your neck of the woods gets shot. If so, the number one suspect will be the guy bragging about his stockpile of illegal weapons who was arrested for terrorism.

            See what has just happened? Thanks to the re-introduced provisions, you are now a terrorist who may or may not have shot someone. That’s pretty terrifying… perhaps you should be picked up and held again. After all, there’s plenty of suspicion around you.

          • Lucky for me then that Harper is killing the registry. Suddenly I won’t be a criminal anymore!
            Sadly for you, left wing lunatics will still be viewed with suspicion.

          • Lucky for me then that Harper is killing the registry. Suddenly I won’t be a criminal anymore!

            Again, irrelevant. If these provisions come back into play, you are on record as stating you have a stockpile of weapons. Suspicion still surrounds you, so you can still be arrested for terrorism. Still think the system works?

            Sadly for you, left wing lunatics will still be viewed with suspicion.

            Sadly, you are right on that point. Harper and his thrawls tend to view anyone with a dissenting view is seen as a suspicious left-wing lunatic, which means I could be arrested as well. The scary thing is that these new laws basically make it illegal to have any sort of opinion that differs from that of Dear Leader. This may not be a problem for you, but I suffer from independent thought processes. As a result, I am one of the majority of Canadians who are viewed with suspicion by Dear Leader.

      • How many crimes did the long gun registry prevent?

        At WORST, the exact same number as the never used terrorism provisions.