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Eventually blunt


After the Harper government declined to explicitly criticize Israel’s latest settlements and refused to say whether the Prime Minister discussed the matter with Benjamin Netanyahu during their call on Saturday, John Baird now directly criticizes the settlements and says Mr. Harper conveyed the government’s concerns to Mr. Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister believes the settlements would further impair efforts to achieve peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples – a message he conveyed directly to the Israeli Prime Minister during a phone call Saturday, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told The Globe and Mail…

“The Palestinians’ actions last week were very unhelpful to the cause of peace, and the Israeli response of settlement expansion is very unhelpful to the cause of peace,” Mr. Baird said.


Eventually blunt

  1. Got the polling results in, did you?

  2. Let’s see. On the one hand you have a party that applies to a democratic body in the hope of getting a hearing in the closest thing we have to a world government, and that’s easy to criticize unequivocally and immediately.

    On the other hand we have a party that is proposing to intensify the occupation of disputed territory. That apparently calls for a few days of mumbling and then, after all the cameras are turned off and no one is really paying attention, a self-evident admission that this behaviour is an irritant to peace talks, Hooboy, did we ever tell that Netanyahu!

  3. It’s almost as if the Tories are on a 7 second delay in matters foreign; especially in regard to the ME.


    Always an interesting perspective from Saunders. Could this be why Baird and co are scrambling? It’s likely not comfortable being all principled and that, sitting out there on a ledge,looking increasingly like Israel’s monkey.
    Some good would indeed come of this symbolic gesture toward the Palestinians if it strengthened the hand of Abbas and weakened the hand of Netanyahu… and his monkey…We can only hope.