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Everybody writes about Brazeau

Tease the day: How quickly it all went downhill for the Senator from Maniwaki


Fred Chartrand/CP

By now, you probably know all about a guy named Patrick Brazeau. You might have heard about him now and again over the past few years, for better or worse. He was the youngest Senator ever appointed. Before that, he was a vocal Aboriginal leader who headed the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. He lost a celebrity boxing match to Justin Trudeau. He cussed out reporters on Twitter. He talked and talked and talked, and mostly, apart from the odd apology or retraction, got away with the things he said.

And then, yesterday morning, Brazeau was arrested in Gatineau, Que., across the Ottawa River from his office on Parliament Hill. An alleged incident of domestic violence had occurred. He was kicked out of the Conservative caucus within hours. If he’s charged and convicted, he might well be booted from the Senate by his fellow Senators. This morning, everybody chimes in about the complex, erratic, passionate, driven, and headline-prone Senator from Maniwaki. There’s little depth to the coverage, as most scribes simply recount,unpack and explain the odyssey that was Brazeau’s time in the spotlight.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with Senator Patrick Brazeau’s ejection from the Conservative caucus. The National Post fronts Brazeau’s arrest, following an alleged domestic violence incident. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with Brazeau’s crash. The Ottawa Citizen leads with Brazeau’s expected court appearance this morning. iPolitics fronts Brazeau. CBC.ca leads with the massive snowstorm sweeping across southern Ontario. National Newswatch showcases CBC Newstake on Brazeau.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Spy watchdog. The federal government has made top-secret level security clearance mandatory for all appointees to the Security Intelligence Review Committee.
2. Delisle. After the RCMP interviewed confessed spy Jeffrey Delisle a single time, no one from Canada’s intelligence community ever expressed interest in speaking with him.
3. Military moves. As a way to cut costs, the Department of National Defence says it will forcibly move 10% fewer military families—a process paid for mostly by the feds.
4. HRSDC data loss. NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau was one of over 500,000 Canadians whose personal information was lost by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

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Everybody writes about Brazeau

  1. I guess it was too much to hope for that the media would have told Canadians the truth about our Third World a few weeks back when it mattered.

    A scandal though….is easy peasy to cover, and much more exciting. Doesn’t involve going out in the cold either.

    • Most of the Native Leaders who weigh 300 lbs dont look like they are on a Third World diet

      • Overweight is caused by poor nutrition. Starving children have big bellies.

        • Like Chief Spence

          • Had you ever been north, you’d know there aren’t a lot of fruits and vegetables.

      • Go and do some serious research on the relationship between poverty and obesity and come back when you know what you’re talking about.

        • How about doing some research between what a Chief makes and the average income of a reserve resident

          • They weren’t born earning a Chief’s salary nor were they earning a Chief’s salary during the formative years and adolescence when dietary habits and body weight are being established.

          • Bad dietary habits are passed down from generation to generation does it ever occur to these people that food would become more available if they relocated

          • Your suggestions are going from inane to facile. Has it ever occurred to you how difficult a transition that is for many people? The plight of many aboriginals living in large urban centers is testimony to that difficulty.

            Besides, relocating is no guarantee against poverty.

          • Has it ever occured to you that every other minority has make transitions from rural to urban for the last four hundred years

          • Moving to an urban area is no guarantee of upward mobility for any individual from an impoverished background (of any ethnicity) and doesn’t address the issue of obesity.

          • Improving your lot in life and having the financial means to make the proper food choices does effect obesity or lack there of

  2. it was the conservative party who torgued this guy(braz)up to challenge JT to boxing match.now that he(braz) fell under the bus a few times, the cons were only too welcome to give him(braz) a hand to get run over by a bus,by now disowning him. the harper goverment chewed the libs for these type blunders(and the libs payed “big time” for it) .when does harper take responsibility for his follies ? and i wonder how the duff man(duffy) feels about “hug a thug” policy now ?

  3. A Brazeau-like situation was bound to happen, IMO. Scratch enough bullies and you’ll eventually find an abuser underneath all the bluster.