Evidence, RIP


Scientists will march through Ottawa tomorrow and then gather on Parliament to conduct a funeral service for the general concept of evidence.

The scientific community is sad to report the death of evidence, which passed away June 18th, 2012, after an over six year battle with Harper government policies. Objective and honest, evidence was heavily involved in all aspects of Canadian prosperity and will be sorely missed by all Canadians, whether they currently realize it or not.

More from the Citizen here. The scientists and researchers will be joined by NDP MPs Anne Minh Thu Quach and Hélène LeBlanc and Liberal MP Ted Hsu.


Evidence, RIP

  1. Oh yeah? Prove it!

  2. Jason Kenney went on record to poo-pooh the proceedings, saying only 2% of scientists agreed with the assessment and that Canadians didn’t care anyway.

    • Hmm… wonder where he got that 2% from? Surely he didn’t – gasp! – conduct a scientific survey…

  3. The obituary unfortunately fails to mention that evidence had been on life support for many years, left mortally wounded after a long battle with climate change.

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