Ex-Tory MP takes aim at evolution in House of Commons

Ex-Tory MP takes aim at evolution in House of Commons

James Lunney complains of Twitter shaming of his beliefs


OTTAWA – A longtime Conservative MP who quit the party in order to better defend his religious beliefs says scientists are being gagged by the “false” theory of evolution.

James Lunney has also told the House of Commons that he’s being “crowd-shamed” on social media for his beliefs.

Before long, however, Lunney — speaking on a point of privilege in the House of Commons — was cut off by Speaker Andrew Scheer on the basis that the ridicule had not affected his ability to do his job.

Lunney said he quit the Tories to defend his beliefs against what he calls deliberate attempts to suppress a Christian world view from professional and economic opportunity in law, medicine, and academia.

Lunney recently defended a Conservative Ontario MPP who was widely mocked for saying he doesn’t believe in evolution.

On Twitter, Lunney told his followers to “stop calling evolution fact.”

On Wednesday, he was mocked anew on social media for his attempts to extrapolate on his beliefs in the Commons.

“I think I may have been mispronouncing the name ‘Lunney,'” tweeted one jokester.

During his speech, both Green party Leader Elizabeth May and Liberal MP Scott Simms came to Lunney’s defence, arguing to Scheer that he should have been allowed to speak at length.

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Ex-Tory MP takes aim at evolution in House of Commons

  1. Sigh…Canada has it’s share of religious loons.

    U of Manitoba should be ashamed of itself.

    • U of Manitoba should be ashamed of itself, why? Because they “allowed” a religious person to graduate? You don’t believe people should be judged on their merits rather than their personal beliefs?

      • Science degrees have no more connection to fairy tales than astrology does to medicine.

        • So it’s the responsibility of a university to not only grade on the merits of the academic work done, but to also explore a person’s personal beliefs to ensure they would get the Emily Seal of Approval?

          If he did the work, got the grades, and did nothing to otherwise warrant expulsion, then he gets the degree. His religious beliefs aren’t relevant – wacky though they may be. Universities don’t (yet) have a C-51 of their own to suppress “undesirables”.

          After all, you managed to get your degrees, and if any university should be ashamed… What is your alma mater anyway? My daughter is looking, and I’ll want to steer her clear…

          • What is the point of our having universities if it’s ‘graduates’ don’t understand the topics but get a degree anyway.?

          • Understanding a theory and agreeing with it are different things. Our scientific advancements are largely made by people who understand the existing prevailing thought but who see the flaws in it. (Though I agree we don’t see many advancements being made on evolution theory by Creationists ;-))

            But as a chiropractor he really only needs to know how the existing systems work – not how they came to be. Mechanic vs engineer.

          • Interesting notion you have that only a ‘special few of us need to have genuine knowledge, and the rest can be fobbed off into ignorance with Bronze Age fairy tales

            Any country that has Creationists running around with science degrees is in serious trouble.

          • By that logic, no atheists should be allowed degrees in theology. No one should be allowed to use smart phones unless they can explain the science behind them. And presumably, any engineer with a fear of flying should be stripped of their degree because clearly such a fear is evidence that they really didn’t get the course material.

            His knowledge of biology or his ability to treat patients is not predicated on his belief in evolution. Besides which – how do you know he didn’t believe in evolution in ’72 and has changed his mind since? A lot can happen to a person in the course of 43 years.

            Lunney does say, among other things on his web site, “Macro Evolution is not a fact; both evolution and belief in a creator are faith constructs.” Which is true. Any scientist worth their salt will tell you theories aren’t fact. He goes on to say quite a bit more as well; you may want to give it a read: http://www.jameslunneymp.ca/english/?p=3283 He’s not just some simplistic bible thumper.

            But if you follow true to your usual practices, you’ll simply prefer to mock him because he doesn’t follow the Book of Emily.

            Anyway… done with this article! Moving on…

          • Yer confused again Bram….and way out in left field to boot.

            Which is where you always are when you run for cover like this. LOL

  2. Denying evolution is the exact opposite of a christian world view.

    • Can’t say I get what you mean. Can you elaborate?