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Executive assistant of the year


Granted, this perhaps does not reflect well on Ms. Guergis. On the other hand, it would be worse if the assistant was writing letters to the editor that were highly critical of her boss. Always look on the bright side.

The executive assistant for Simcoe-Grey MP Helena Guergis has written letters to several Ontario newspapers that are highly complimentary of her boss – and written under a different name, QMI Agency has learned. Several newspapers in the riding, located north of Toronto, have received letters from a Jessica Morgan over the last year. Morgan is the married name of Guergis’ executive assistant Jessica Craven…

After trying to deflect questions when contacted by QMI on Tuesday, Craven later admitted that she was the writer. She denied any conflict of interest. Craven said that changing her name was to “make sure they were separate from what I do for a living … I am a voter in Simcoe-Grey with my own opinions.”


Executive assistant of the year

  1. This is the best one of the bunch, I'd assert, in using hyperbole:

    Recent articles slamming our MP Helena Guergis for her absence at a documentary film showing and forum on climate change is just another futile socialist attempt to take down our democratically-elected government.

    • i said nothing when they criticized them for their film attendance, and when they came to criticize my forum attendance there was no one left to speak for me

    • I've actually gone back and read that letter and I still don't get the point or the logic. Make no wonder Helena's in the state she is if that's how the mind of her EA works.

      • Is she just a bad writer or a bad thinker or both? And she's definitely anti-colour polygamy.

  2. Exquisite Irony Alert — Ms. Craven's letter contained the following sentence:

    Why don't you stop playing political games in order to advance your own interests.

    Ummm… why don't you stop writing political letters to the editor to advance your boss's interests.

    She then follows with this:

    You are making a huge issue out of nothing. Your shortsighted and futile attempt to disrespect MP Guergis in order to advance your own political career only reaffirms the reason that voters placed their confidence in her the last election.

    Heh. As opposed to Ms. Craven's shortsighted and futile attempt to praise MP Guergis in order to advance her own career. Not exactly confidence-inspiring.

    • Exquisite Irony — the predestination angle?

      craven |ˈkrāvən|
      contemptibly lacking in courage; cowardly: a craven abdication of his moral duty.

    • I enjoyed your post. I would have thought the conservatives would have had one of their trusted political hacks write the letter. Perhaps, given the press Ms. Craven's boss has received recently, there truly isn't a bona fide constituent willing to commend her for her lack of character.

  3. Appropriate last name alert?

    (It needed to be said. I gladly will do the dirty work this time.)

  4. Are we sure Ms Craven/Morgan wrote these letters?

    Because they sure sound like Helena Guergis herself.

    Just a thought.

  5. Re: 'Craven said that changing her name was to make sure they were separate from what I do for a living & " '

    Funny, most people would just call this fraud.

  6. —very disappointing to read the opinions of a paid member of Ms. Guergis`s staff.

    Thoughts on the quality of Ms. Guergis` work would be best left to those with a more " independent " view such as Blog Writers and Commenters.

    • You mean blog writers and commenters who AREN'T being paid a salary by Ms. Guergis, unlike Ms. Craven?

      • Yes, we can be sure those not under the employ of Ms. Guergis will be very objective in their comments.

        Also, as Mr. Wherry has mentioned, Ms. Guergis must be relieved to see that her executive assistant has given her a favourable grade in her critique.

        • You're not serious. Please tell us you are not serious. You're joking, right?

  7. Will Helena claim she had no idea that her staffer was doing this? I sure hope not, small town newspapers need all the support they can get.

  8. Rahim must have hired that one.

    • lol, that was my first thought – I wonder where she got that idea?…

    • Or someone pretending to be Rahim.

  9. Just when you thought the Guergis stock couldn't sink any lower.

    Do you think Stephen Harper will consider this a "buying opportunity"?

  10. It's a lapse in judgement, especially considering her accusations that others are trying to take down democracy. Nonetheless, it's not much more than a lapse in judgement. Would it have been more genuine if she'd just written in as Guergis' EA? Absolutely. But is it public policy? No, it's a letter to the editor.

    The idea that people who are involved in a task, project, or cause can't comment on that task, project or cause publicly because they must have a bias is ludicrous. We all have biases and preferences, and we all come from different experiential backgrounds. That's what adds value to discussion (provided, naturally, we don't haughtily accuse others of treason when they disagree with us).

    • Great post, LynnTO. My thoughts exactly but put on paper much better than I could.

    • The point that you're missing, I believe, is that the EA purposely posted under an alias so as to give the impression that her constituents were happy with her performance as their MP.

      Sure, everyone has a right to state their opinion but misrepresenting yourself to portray false support for your boss is not only hilarious and stupid, but highly unethical. Can you imagine if the Liberals released polling that said that 85% of those surveyed believe the PCs are unfit to lead, only to learn that all those surveyed were Liberal staffers? Sure they have a right to put their opinion forward, but lying about your identity to further your own interests is hardly defensible.

      • Using your married name as opposed to your maiden name is not anywhere near close to lying about your identity. Thousands of women out there use a maiden name professionally, but a married name at home (or vice versa), and never get accused of committing a fraud.

        In the EA's case, it's concealment of her professional name and omission of her professional title.

        • She is not a private citizen when she is writing a letter for publication about her boss who is an elected politician.

  11. Was she acting on her own and simply obeying orders?

  12. To Danby – which is lower – having your Exec. Asst write sycophantic letters to the editor under a disguised name – or – to have your Executive Assistant impersonate you to fool the voters who elected you – let's say – by Mr. Guergis – or as he was then Rahim Jaffer?

  13. All I can say Helena – I'm pretty sure George wouldn't have stooped to that….

  14. Call me a conspiracy nut, but I've always wondered about who from here is on staff somewhere……

    • Well, judging from some postings, there are likely at least a few paid ConBots lurking on the site…

  15. "On the other hand, it would be worse if the assistant was writing letters to the editor that were highly critical of her boss"

    But if she claimed to be sending it on behalf of all the staff, maybe we could get another committee hearing out of it. Am I right?

  16. Next thing she'll start impersonating Helena's husband on the radio…

  17. Reality Check: I would be very surprised if you could find a current EA to a minister who could swear an affidavit that they have never posted, or directed someone to post, comments on the internet supportive of their boss.