Experts (II) -

Experts (II)


The Justice Minister announces new mandatory minimums for serious drug crimes.

He acknowledged the added jail time might not deter hardened gang members inclined to violence, but added, “We have to start somewhere.”

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Experts (II)

  1. Yes, indeed. Because the threat of imprisonment is clearly an effective deterrent against drug dealing and drug abuse. So more of it has to be better.

    Is there truly anyone left who believes this?

    • Patience, Bill. They’ll be arriving in a few minutes.

  2. Bill: yes. Many people still believe that. Lord knows why.

  3. Obviously some swing voters must beleive it. Why else would Harper advance such tomfoolery.

  4. Well, what better place to start than with a policy approach we know doesn’t work?

  5. “We have to start somewhere.”

    Like, with 1,000 new RCMP officers… oops. That was a promise two whole campaigns ago.

    As for why the CPC would continue to flog policies shown not to be terribly effective: it’s a misreading of their goal. They, too, understand these policies are not effective against CRIME. But they also know that FEAR of crime is a hot button issue for mothers of young children and the elderly, and the CPC desperately want their votes. Indeed, during periods of the steepest declines in violent crime, fear of those crimes has gone up among those two demographics.

  6. Dear Prime Minister –

    Impose mandatory minimum sentences, build a vast prison system, turn the prison guard union into a powerful special interest group, scare petty criminals into plea bargaining whatever prosecutors want, and help kick the government into bankruptcy – and all in the name of an unenforceable prohibition law. What’s not to like about it?

    If you could also come up with some kind of carbon tax or strict energy rationing then you’ll be batting 2 for 2.

    Er, you do have a higher level of government where you can go begging for a bailout eventually, right?

    Best of luck,

    • Heh heh.

  7. Surely I’m not alone in wondering where exactly is the epidemic in crime that we need to address?

    This is the same old, same old. A couple of high profile crimes in close temporal connection to one another and the politico’s start acting like we’re living in the Thunderdome and need to start cracking down lest we’re all killed by the roving gangs of mowhawked motorcyclists wearing masks and waving machetes.

    The truth is, crime (and particularly violent crime) just isn’t a big issue in Canada. It just isn’t. Unfortunately, politicians know that the FEAR of crime is still sometimes an effective button to push. If it wasn’t for the Tories, crime would almost never cross my mind. Nor would it the minds of 90% of Canadians.

    • If the *Clown Party of Canada continues on this path, crime will become an issue.

      Oops, gotta go — “roving gangs of mowhawked motorcyclists wearing masks and waving machetes” just showed up at the front door.

      *not intended to slander a noble profession

  8. They should force prisoners to a mandatory 1 hour per day of stationary bike exercise. These bikes would then be hooked to power generators that would supply energy for either the prison itself or the nearest community :P

    Giving back to the community!

    • If you want to go full tin-foil hat, there’s always the question — did Harper show up with a tough-on-gangs message because of the gang violence caused by the leak, or was the information leaked to cause gang violence so Harper could show up with a tough-on-gangs message?