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Explaining and debating Michael Chong’s Reform Act

A new hope or a step backwards?


Michael Chong talks to Preston Manning about the Reform Act.

Peter Loewen says the Reform Act is “the single most important piece of democratic reform legislation to be considered by our Parliament in a generation.” Alex Cullen, a candidate for the Ontario NDP, argues the bill is a step backwards. Radical Centrist looks at a third aspect of the bill. And Colin Horgan suggests what the House of Commons really needs is a sense of shame.

Meanwhile, Susan Delacourt suggests some other reforms, specifically related to advertising, that might be pursued.

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Explaining and debating Michael Chong’s Reform Act

  1. Why does Susan Delacourt want to turn this into an omnibus bill?

    • Because an omnibus bill is actually a good thing if it is deemed to be “progressive” and/or might have stuff in it that Harper might not like.

      • Where does she say the reforms she is recommending should all be included in Chong’s bill?

    • Where does she say the reforms she is recommending should all be included in Chong’s bill?

      • You didn’t read the imaginary article that Rick sees in his head? Try to keep up!

  2. Well don`t tell hareball and little k that Michael Chong is getting his good ideas from the leader of the former Reform Party, Preston Manning.
    We wouldn`t want them to fall off their latest Harper Hater wagon.
    What will you guys do when you see Chong and Harper sit down discuss serious reforms in the New Year.

    Oh, by the way, try to imagine a politician, who is the same age as Chong, (Justin Trudeau) sitting down and discussing the Magna Carta, or Cicero, or Thomas Jefferson.

    Let me see now: Justin would think Magna Carta was some hair product, Cicero is definitely a Ski Hill in Vermont and you know that Jefferson kid plays drums for the local punk group.

    • Harper will be sitting down with Chong to see how the bill can be gutted. That will be the extent of their discussion. Harper believes a strong party results from a strong leader with complete control. Maybe that’s true, but that’s not democracy.

      A nation is defined by its people, not its leader.

    • I’m looking forward to Stephen Harper coming out and supporting Chong’s bill. Nobody on the left will know how to react after that happens. In addition to appealing to Harper’s own Reform roots, the bill would likely make any future Liberal leader’s life a never ending living hell. If all that’s needed to trigger a leadership review is 15% of caucus, every Liberal leader for eternity will be entirely consumed with holding on to their leadership. Nobody likes to stab their leader in the back more than a Liberal.