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Explaining the budget bill


Elizabeth May has compiled a breakdown of every change to environmental regulations contained in the budget bill.

“As more and more people are realizing, the Harper Conservatives have packed their so-called budget bill with lots of non-budget items in order to hide them from the public, and even confuse their elected representatives,” said May.  “I decided it was time to itemize the various bills, regulations, policies, and programs that will be affected.”

The Green Party has also set up a hub for information and news about C-38.

New Democrats have called a news conference for 1pm this afternoon to “outline the next steps the NDP will take to ensure better oversight of the government’s 400+ page omnibus Budget Implementation Bill.”


Explaining the budget bill

  1. Thank you Elizabeth May!

    Readers: if you havent done so, you really should follow the list and see the changes they are proposing. These troglodytes are clearly in the pockets of Big Business; the list is almost all “bucks before environment” stuff.

  2. By being so intransigent, the Cons may paradoxically be doing the environment a huge favour by elevating it in the public mind to a priority level it hasn’t enjoyed since the global economy cratered in ’08.