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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer prints its last edition tomorrow. But it’s not shutting down: it will continue publishing online — the largest American newspaper to go paperless to date. But stay tuned: the San Francisco Chronicle may be next.

In fact, Hearst has announced plans to start providing subscribers with wireless tablets for reading newspapers online. Hmmm… Where have I heard about that recently?

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Extra! Extra! Read a few hundred kilobytes about it!

  1. I hope the online edition is renamed the Post-Post-Intelligencer.

  2. Read the Hearst story and it made me wonder: do news execs think people are buying fewer papers now because they are printed on paper or because they don’t like content on those pages?

    Personally, I don’t think BlackBerries or Kindle can compete with paper when it comes to reading. Those small hand held devices make me crazy when I try to read a website on them. Tho the article does say the new device will be larger than Kindle, so I guess I better wait before I pass judgment. And I would also recommend that execs look at what their reporters are doing and tell them to up their game, a lot.

  3. Frankly, I’m still getting over the news that Andrew Coyne has Facebook.

  4. Both the P-I and the Times in Seattle are really not that exciting anyway, it confused me that they were both around. Often their front page stories were the same thing from AP, and they co-published a Sunday edition. People are not big on papers there.

  5. “The new operation will be more than a newspaper online, Steven Swartz, president of Hearst Newspapers, said. The so-called “community platform” will feature breaking news, columns from prominent Seattle residents, community databases, photo galleries, 150 citizen bloggers and links to other journalistic outlets.”

    This newfangled online thingy doesn’t sound much like a newspaper with serious journalism to me. But it might be a lot more fun.

    So, when CanWest closes down the National Post, do you think we can buy the name for $1 and turn it into an online blogging platform for conservatives ? That would be more fun than a barrel of monkeys …

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