Fair’s fair


The Prime Minister has announced a short-notice news conference for 6:30 p.m. Ottawa time. At a guess, it’s probably about the glad news of Bob Fowler’s release. At any rate, we complain (well, I do) when he finds reasons to talk to non-Canadian reporters, so I should note he’s coming to talk to us too. At the National Press Theatre, no less. Probably it’ll be televised on the cable nets.


Fair’s fair

  1. as a citizen i will continue to moan in your place, or at least asking a moaning inspired question… he seems to have less trouble with the notion of talking to you guys when it is a good news story (e.g., the release of Canadian diplomats), when he had some modicum of control over the fact that he will have to interact with you folks in some limited manner (e.g., not during an election campaing) (i did say limited interaction)… has anyone done any kind of detailed breakdown of what he does talk to you guys and when he somewhat relaxes the normal rules/limits on interactions/questions? it seems to me that kind of digging would be valuable, no?

  2. Update: more like 7…

  3. Kady always said that he ran on Harper Standard Time.

  4. PM's not just talking to media; he's talking to Canadians.

  5. I don't get it… didn't he talk to the media several times in Trinidad and Jamaica? Or don't those types of news conferences count for some reason?

  6. No, they don't.

  7. I'm with Bettie,

    At any news conference he is talking to Canadians. If he's doing it through American and Jamaican media outlets and connecting with those audiences too, okay.

    Encouraging other countries to understand the problems with protectionism was absolutely necessary for our economy, so heavily dependant on exports and if the Canadian media would like to get their noses out of joint because of it, well…pause, take a deep breath and see how you can fix the problem.

    Unless of course, all you want to do is whine.

  8. So you figure he gets asked all the necessary questions by FOX, or while sharing the podium in Jamaica? Nothing wrong with raising our profile abroadl, but there's many issues and concerns that simply won't be raised by the press in other countries. Many of us would like a chance – via the press as proxy – to have him articulate, defend, explain and expand on the plans and actions of our own government.

    And that ain't whining, it's a fair demand of an accountable leader.

  9. Kat is absolutely right of course. Note how the only people you ever hear the complaint from are the very same people that don't want to hear from him anyways … they have already made up their minds who they are going to vote for. The PM certainly has had some good news of late what with Jamaica hijacked all safe and sound while the PM was right there (timing is everything) nobody hurt and now hostages released and no ransom paid or prisoners released. I also note CNN had a huge ad on their website yesterday giving the canadian military major cudos on our mission in Afghanistan and how they can learn from us and how we have taken care of things in the South – kind of surprised me all warm and fuzzy towards us.

  10. During a G-20 press conference, with the Canadian media present, the Prime Minister needed to remind the journalists that he did have a meeting with President Obama. The first question: Did you talk about his dog? Really, watch the clip, that was the first question!

    The Canadian media want to ask the micro questions but when the PM is in a foreign country, he is speaking on a macro level. He is home now and has called a press conference. So I hope the Canadian journalists take advantage and ask the questions that the Canadian people want answers to.

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