Family is everything/ Gone fishin’


I returned from overseas at the end of March, hit the ground running with a profile of Stéphane Dion and have not paused for long since then. So one of the dilemmas this election campaign posed was whether I should cancel a brief vacation I had planned for some months. It was easy to decide against cancelling, because I know Maclean’s election coverage, led by John Geddes and Andrew Coyne, and our bustling family of blogs will thrive while I’m away. Not knowing how to cut bait, I am off fishing for a week. See you after Sept. 26.

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Family is everything/ Gone fishin’

  1. Enjoy yourself Mr. Wells.

    Mind the puffins

  2. Dion officially drops the Green Shift from his main campaign and NOW you leave!!

    I was hoping for some keen analysis of what this means!

    But I guess it can wait, enjoy your well deserved vacation.

  3. Well earned! We’ll do our best to keep any discussion of serious issues off the leaders’ campaign agenda until you return.

  4. Where am I supposed to get my fix of smartass remarks? From Coyne? Pfft.

    Have a great vacation! I’m looking forward to reading your column. But it looks like you’re going to miss the awesomest self-destruction of a campaign since Stockwell Day.

  5. Yes, enjoy your time away and thanks for the classical music list. Still listening, still savouring!

  6. Can you take kody with you? We also need a vacation.

  7. What? Dion drops Green Shift the same day you leave? I smell a setup…

    Just kidding. Enjoy your vacation.

  8. Curse Harper and his election timing! I can’t enjoy a federal election properly without my Inkless fix.

    Oh well. Enjoy your break.

  9. I told the fish you were coming. Seemed fair.
    They said ok but you weren’t really a Code Orange threat anyway. Who knew fish could talk.
    Bring your sweater.

  10. Don’t forgot to hide your waste!

  11. Dot – funniest and truest (that is what make it so funny!) thing i have read today!

    Paul – well deserved. enjoy!

  12. Slacker!!

    What’ll I do
    When you are far away
    And I am blue
    What’ll I do?

  13. Dion drops Green Shift,

    and all the media has “gone fishing”.

    A total of one news outlet is running this story.


    So just to recap: a three week old backroom inappropriate joke by someone NOT the leader of the cpc,

    wall to wall coverage.

    The leader of the Liberals, dumps the most touted single issue perhaps in the history of the party, (web sites dedicated, press conferences galore, law suits to keep name, months long cross country tours)

    mid election,

    and a virtual cone of silence.

    How does one describe that?

    How ’bout journalistic fraud.

    and there’s a cone of silence.


  14. It seems you are not the only one ‘gone fishing’ Monsieur Wells.

  15. kody, great post. I like the way you vary the syllable-count very little at first, then pivot with the “One.” (line 4) into more of a medley, then the climax of the long “The leader of the liberals…” (line 7) and then the lyrical, Prufrock-like trimeter coda and the beautiful diminuendo of the last line. Where are you submitting it? Have you thought of a title, or are you just going to go with “Friday, September 19, 2008 at 5:46 pm”?

  16. Enjoy the time off. It will give you better perspective for the campaign anyway.

  17. Hey Paul you should be back just in time to prepare for the debates!

  18. Well (I really hate to say it) but this time I think Kody has a point. What’s the one, BTW, Kody?

    Enjoy the holiday Paul.

  19. Nooooooo!

    Enjoy the break, Wells.

  20. Go far away and don’t take the Blackberry because you know what will happen … some extraordinary turn of events in the election will have you itching to get back at it while you are supposed to be relaxing.

  21. Jenn,

    the Star.

    It’s now even gone from National Newswatch.

  22. Jack,

    the last two one word lines were actually left in by accident (I didn’t scroll down to delete),

    but I’m glad you like the poetry.


    (ps, perhaps Reader’s Digest)

  23. As for the substance of my point,

    can anyone here fathom how an apparent complete reversal in platform,

    mid election,

    not be worthy of wall to wall coverage????

    This media blackout is mind boggling. Virtually every post on blogging Tories is on this, and virtually every one is in dismay at the complete lack of coverage.

    Will the media go down with Dion this election?

    Seems so.

  24. You bolt the same day Dion reverses himself. If that isn’t just like the communist elitist leftarded LIEberal Libtard that you are. :)

  25. CTV has begun the whitewashing process to fix this Dion Gaffe.

    “Liberals deny ‘shifting’ gears on the ‘Green Shift'”

  26. Dion has not dropped the Green Shift. Apparently, his words were caught on tape by CPAC.

    It’s just our lazy journalists that don’t bother to get the story straight, but hey, they have to drum up something to get a story.

    Have a great time Mr. Wells.

  27. Fired up the ol’ Firefox, came hither, realised Mr. Wells is away, was filled with a Rilkean melacholy. This is probably not the best way to spend an hour on Sunday – drinking beer springs to mind – but what began as an epigram… Anyway:

    The pundits’ flowers wilt, the maples sigh:
    A bitter god has made the Wells run dry
    For seven days: what can mere irrigation
    Do against the power of vacation?
    Where is the wit, and where the slashing scorn
    Which made its victims wish they’d not been born?
    Where is the shrewd mot juste, the artful link
    To sites that make us laugh or cry or think?
    Where is the guide who, when the sulfur curled
    Above the pits of th’ Ott’wan netherworld
    Took us in hand, described each torment, till
    We trembled at the horror of the Hill?
    He sits in bliss beside some quiet lake,
    Of rest and reason happy to partake,
    Beneath his rod the pike and bass succomb:
    The frogs alone remind him of the scrum;
    Now through the early autumn wood he strolls
    The ceaseless brook he likens to the polls;
    Compares our leaders to the craven quail
    That squawk and flap beside the campaign trail,
    Laments the red fir’s partisan disease,
    While deer, like issues, bolt into the trees.
    O Nature, bless that journalistic brain,
    With all your beauties strive to keep it sane;
    Meanwhile our Inkless Wellsless must remain.

  28. You can outdo Harper with manovering.. and fencesitting.

  29. Gee … Imagine if you went away in the middle of a Federal election campaign and came back to find that virtually nothing had changed?

  30. Since the cat is away…

    Has it struck anyone else that the $700B bailout in the US is the largest ever end-of-term pardon by a US President? In this case he is pardoning an entire sector as opposed to someone like Conrad Black.

    Similar to other end-of-term pardons, the incoming President will be powerless to do anything about it.

    Just a thought.

  31. Brammer — Congress still has to approve the bailout, and there appears to be growing skepticism in Washington over the plan. Democrats in particular are concerned that they are going to get hoodwinked into voting to pass it, only to see Republicans run against them for the next six weeks for doing so. Personally, I hope the bailout is rejected. It will be a bitter short term pill for the economy to swallow, but in this case I think the cure is worse than the disease. The long term impact of a $700 million bailout, coupled with the already troubling deficit levels in the U.S., is chilling to contemplate.

  32. A day fishin’ does not count in the calender of life!

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