Federal budget 2017: Live video of Bill Morneau’s budget speech

Watch a live-stream of Finance Minister Bill Morneau presents Canada’s 2017 budget to the House at 4 PM ET


At around 4 PM ET, Finance Minister Bill Morneau will deliver the federal government’s budget for 2017 to the House of Commons. You can watch that speech above (until the speech begins, House will be in session for question period, which you can watch). For more reporting, analysis, videos and more, visit Maclean’s one-stop budget hub here.



Federal budget 2017: Live video of Bill Morneau’s budget speech

  1. The opposition parties are going to pay for this dog and pony show, and especially the NDP colluding with the conservatives, this is the second time in a couple of months that the NDP has taken side with the cons. I thought the NDP were a family first party, this policy by the Liberals is Red Meat for NDP supporters. I’m just so surprised the NDP would not support a shorter work week in order to balance work with family time, they may take a hit for this.

    • You have to be the example, if your going to promote the example of balancing work with family time. if the cons had it their way, citizens working would be still toiling over the lash.

  2. Now that the infomercial is over, what does the budget contain?