Feds may take part in roundtable on murdered aboriginal women

Justice Minister Peter MacKay leaves the door open for federal discussion


HALIFAX — The federal justice minister is leaving the door ajar to Ottawa’s participation in a roundtable on murdered and missing aboriginal women that was requested by the premiers and five aboriginal leaders last week.

Peter MacKay’s office issued a statement last week that didn’t directly address the call for a roundtable, but he said Wednesday his office could participate in some form of roundtable.

“The progress that is underway must continue,” MacKay said. “That includes meetings and consultations for certain and could include a roundtable of sorts.”

The premiers and aboriginal leaders made their request during their annual meeting in Charlottetown. They didn’t define precisely when or how the roundtable would proceed.

In May, the RCMP released a study of 1,181 cases involving aboriginal women since 1980. The study found aboriginal women made up 4.3 per cent of the Canadian population, but accounted for 16 per cent of female homicides and 11.3 per cent of missing women.

MacKay spoke Wednesday in Halifax while making an announcement on the federal government’s plans for the next generation of navy ships.


Feds may take part in roundtable on murdered aboriginal women

  1. Did anyone bother to ask, if they would sit in a round table before the election, or after the election? As far as I read, this should take the heat of off of Harper until after the election, or by the time aboriginal peoples speak up again. The cons are just trying to put a fire out, by leaving a crack, and a very little one at that(one like the tickets for pot) in the door, enough to shut people up again until after the election.

  2. The CONServatives have realized that they are on the losing side of most of their ideological moral certainties that may end up losing them their cushy jobs. Time for them to be seen as flexible.
    I do love the look of the backs of their heads touching their heels….what they have legislated for Canadian workers for the past 8 years.

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