Fight promotion


The NDP is touting its readiness to fight the government’s “lawful access” legislation.

“What we have been hearing from experts and citizen is that this new law gives the government and police way too much power to snoop into our lives,” said New Democrat Privacy and Digital Affairs Critic Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay). “Canadians are right to feel that the Conservatives are not protecting their privacy and that we need to curb this bill.”

Over the summer Angus has been putting in place a team of MPs to work with civil society groups, stakeholders and citizens to fight against lawful access legislation both in and out of parliament.

“Spearheading” the fight at the justice committee will be Charmaine Borg, one of the NDP’s undergrads.


Fight promotion

  1. Government already knows an astonishing amount of info about every Canadian – no need to worry about snooping now. It often seems NDP only wants privacy for naughty people who may or may not be breaking laws. 

    “… will be Charmaine Borg, one of the NDP’s undergrads.”

    Srsly? I did not believe her name was Borg at first – thought Wherry was taking the piss – but it appears to be correct. Ms Borg is in correct party, that’s for certain. 

  2. So Big Brother’s real name is….Stephen Harper.

  3. And by “fight” do they mean loudly whine to anyone willing to listen?

    • Your alternative?

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