Finally, a constructive suggestion


Those serious fellows from the NeoRhino party are due on the Hill in a half hour to expand on the announcement below.

Message from the federal party

Friday, January 16th, 2009 at 11:00 am in room ( 130-S ) of the Parliament in Ottawa, a delegation of neorhinos will present two proposals to Canadians: 

– The Harper Out Coalition
– The 2009 Bed-IN

A majority of Canadians are in agreement we need to put Harper Out of office. Since its inception, many have already joined the Harper Out Coalition across Canada. We have letters of support and representatives of various parties will explain what this coalition is all about. 

And as this year marks the 40th anniversary of the John Lennon and Yoko Ono Bed-In in Montreal in 1969, we suggest to all people of goodwill to participate in the 2009 Bed-In for Peace by staying in bed from May 26th until June 2nd 2009 in order to show their individual support for the Peace in the world. Several organizations and movements have already joined us in supporting this project. And we hope to convince even the Canadian and Israeli soldiers to stay in bed too.


Finally, a constructive suggestion

  1. I wish progressives would stay in bed permanently, would make for a better world.

    And why don’t they want Hamas ‘soldiers’ to stay in bed as well if they want world Peace?

    • You have absolutely no sense of humour at all, do you? That was supposed to be funny. NeoRhino was the first clue. Following the link was another.

      I don’t personally find it particularly knee-slapping, but I certainly don’t take it seriously!

      • “That was supposed to be funny.”

        Support for terrorists is knee-slapping funny alright. I mean, who doesn’t love to have a good laugh at Canadian soldiers trying to defeat Taliban.

        • No need to prove my point.

          How anyone could read “support for terrorists” into this juvenile attempt at humour is beyond me!

          • I’m stumped as well. jwl are you alright? It’s cold out there, much too cold.

  2. Indeed. My son (currently serving in Afghanistan) would probably like a day in bed as well, but is unlikely to get much sleep with the incoming RPG’s…..

  3. Now if only they could talk Lizzie into joining them in bed you would have a menage ‘ a ‘ rhinoplasty. What I don’t get is why do we say it’s okay for one party with no seats in the house to be apart of the debates but not the other parties with no seats after all they are all equally irrelevant = what’s the threshold (never mind) I have answered my own question as there is no rule or threshold it’s probably really managed by how many emails they get complaining – doesn’t seem fair somehow. A friend of mine has a brilliant idea of how to manage the BQ – make a new process where before the debate or sitting as an MP in the House to swear an oath to Canada … stop period no further explanation. Could you imagine the look on Gillies face?

    • Utter happiness as he realizes he’s about to get 70+ seats?

      • ? = sorry I don’t follow the logic of your response. Hey check this out has anyone noticed that the BQ MP’s already have to swear an oath as MP’s = The Canadian Oath of Allegiance is a promise or declaration of fealty to the Canadian monarch, taken, along with other specific oaths of office, by new occupants of various government positions, including federal and provincial viceroys, appointees to the Queen’s Privy Council, Supreme Court justices, members of the federal and provincial parliaments, as well as of the Canadian Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Oath of Allegiance also makes up the first portion of the Oath of Citizenship, and may form a part of oaths taken by new members of provincial and municipal police forces. : How on earth do they manage to keep a straight face while obviously lying?

    • “Before a duly elected Member may take his or her seat and vote in the House of Commons, the Member must take an oath or make a solemn affirmation of allegiance or loyalty to the Sovereign and sign the Test Roll (a book whose pages are headed by the text of the oath). When a Member swears or solemnly affirms allegiance to the Queen as Sovereign of Canada, he or she is also swearing or solemnly affirming allegiance to the institutions the Queen represents, including the concept of democracy. Thus, a Member is making a pledge to conduct him-or herself in the best interests of the country. The oath or solemn affirmation reminds a Member of the serious obligations and responsibilities he or she is assuming. ”

      -Marleau & Monpetit

      But don’t let that spoil your fantasy.

      • sorry another non-sequitor

  4. JWL, I gather that you are not interested in the bed-in. How about joining the HOC? No, not the House of Commons, the Harper Out Coalition.

  5. If someone scribbled out “NeoRhino” and replaced it with “Green” on that press release, I would not have been able to tell.

    Actually, that’s probably a commentary on the NeoRhinos more than anything else. Funny is putting out a platform that promotes economic stimulus by invading Alaska or something. Not funny is saying “harper sux and also we like the Beatles”.

    • “Funny is putting out a platform that promotes economic stimulus by invading Alaska or something.”

      Exactly, I actually voted for a Rhino candidate way back when. They were proposing to knock down the Rockies so Albertans could get a better view of sunset and paving over Manitoba for a giant car park (???).

      • And I was actually a member of the Rhino party back in 1966 or 1967. Cost me 2 bucks and the party card was hand made…has nothing to do with the price of rhubarb in Russia.

        The point is not whether this is funny or not, it’s whether it’s SUPPOSED to be funny. I mean, Jon Dore’s not funny either, but nobody would get all bent out of shape if he were to say “Harper sux and I like the Beatles”, because they know he’s trying – and failing – to be funny.

        Standing on a street corner across the street from the Israeli embassy with a pro-Hamas, anti-Israel sign and a bunch of friends shouting slogans? OK, you want to be taken seriously and deserve to be called on it. Calling a press conference to discuss John & Yoko’s bed-in & calling yourselves Neo-Rhino? Not so much.

        • “The point is not whether this is funny or not, it’s whether it’s SUPPOSED to be funny.”

          I understand.

          I would have had no problem with this press release if they had not included the last sentence. Calling on Israeli and Canadian soldiers to stay in bed, while ignoring Hamas and Taliban, makes it very political indeed. If they want world Peace, why do they ignore terrorists?

          • They not only forgot the terrorists, they forgot the Somali pirates, the janjaweed, Joe Stalin and the NDP.

            They don’t want world peace, they want people to point and laugh at them!

            Geez, not everything is political!

        • Speak for yourself. My disdain for unfunny comics knows no bounds.

          I don’t object to an anti-Harper message or anything. If they replaced the anti-Conservative with an anti-Liberal message… well, okay, that would actually be a little funny. Bad example.

          I’m certainly not trying to take them too seriously. I’d much rather have a political party that tries to make me laugh and fails, like the Neorhinos, than a political party that is trying to be serious but is actually sidesplittingly hilarious, like all the rest of them.

      • JWL Their best promise was a promise to not keep any of their promises.

  6. Good grief – lighten up. Times are tough right now and people need a break, some fun, etc.

    And, the partisan sniping is getting rather tiresome, to say the least.

  7. Speaking of funny political parties I remember years ago joining NORMAL (It was the 70’s and I liked the name) National Organization Reformation Marijuana Laws) strangely enough it was trying to be a serious concern and outside of some cool riding meetings I thought had potential! I seem to recall a long time having a gas with marco the prince of pot dude.

    • Ah yes, Marc Emery….

      I used to visit his “bookstore” on Richmond Street in London in the early 70’s. He was a pompous blowhard then, and now he’s a pompous blowhard with weed-induced dementia. “Having a gas” certainly describes a conversation with him!

  8. Why should we need an excuse for not repeating the same jokes 20 years later ?

    Some people find it funny, others don’t. We have little control over that. The only thing we can tell you is we’re having fun doing politics.

    So if you spend too much time analyzing what we do, you’re missing our point : if we can do politics, anybody can. If you have a better idea, don’t just talk about it, go for it. We do!

    As for violence, we are against violence from any side, we have been against violence all our lives.

    Judging us from one sentence may give you an opportunity to release some of your own violence, but tells more about your lack of credibility than about ours. If you think that one automatically supports the violence of one side when he or she criticizes the violence on the other side only means that you don’t know how to think.

    When Dr Ferron founded the rhinoceros party back in 1963, he was not all that funny either, but he knew how to think and he really did all this first for political purposes. Being funny was a means to achieve a goal, not the goal.

    We are faithful to Dr Ferron to this very day, whether you get it or not.

    Serge Grenier